Libby Doose, an organic egg farmer

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You always sell out of your eggs at the farmer's market because guys are constantly hitting on you.

You One day a customer returns an egg because it's cracked. The egg feels light to you. You crack it open and find a ring with the letter S on it inside.

It is yours! "Hey I got something for you too!" you say to Libby. "You did?" "Yeah, but you don't have to wear that ugly dress if you don't want to. Just take it off when we get home okay?"

You put on the ring and it turns your dress from an ugly dress to a beautiful dress.

You feel so happy.

You sit down on your chair, then you feel something wet on your ass. You just sat on a dozen of your finest eggs.

> You go back to work "Libby, come on let's go". You grab her hand. She looks up at you. "I'll be right there". Then she kisses you goodbye and walks away. The next morning you realize what happened. Libby was lying about being in love with you. She was trying to trick you into taking her to the park.

You look at yourself in the mirror.

Your butt is still red and bruised from yesterday's egg smashing session. You don't know how much longer you can keep this up.

You realize that men come to the Farmer's market and pay top dollar to see you sit on eggs all day. It's good money, but you hate wasting all your eggs.

You think about getting rid of them, but you never do. They're like little pets. The sun has gone down and you've been working all night. You decide to call it a night early. You head back to your farm house where you expect Libby to be waiting for you. Instead, she doesn't even show up. You begin to wonder why.

You wake up in the morning and check on the eggs. You go into the barn and see millions of little baby chickens.

They seem so contented. Suddenly, one of them pecks at your ear. You turn around and see Libby standing behind you. She runs over to hug you. "I didn't mean to scare you". She says. "Did you need help? Did you need water?" You tell her everything and she tells you to go on your way.

You say "Where were you last night?"

"Oh, I went to my friends place". "What kind of friend is he?" "He's not my friend" "Well what is his name?" "Bob" "How old is he?" "14" "That's pretty young to be having sex with someone who isn't your boyfriend". "So what now?" You ask.

"Now we make out". She pulls you close and starts kissing you passionately. You are surprised by how great this feels. Libby begins to caress your body and rub oil on your body. "Don't stop until you cum" You say. Libby seems to understand and continues to please you while you are hard.

You look down and see your body is covered in feathers because of all the oil and sticky sex juices.

She begins massaging your cock and balls and you start to feel a rush of pleasure. Your dick becomes rock hard and you ejaculate. The pair of you lie together on the floor holding each other tightly. You kiss and cuddle close to her as you fall asleep. In the morning you hear Libby laughing. You quickly rise up and run to the barn.

You realize you and Libby are stuck together because of the dried sex juices. You need to wash off before the chickens wake up and see you.

You walk through the barn and notice the chicken coop is empty. There must be someplace else they could use the bathroom. You search the area and eventually find a small room with a toilet and shower. You enter the room and immediately feel sick. You have no idea how you survived this long without using the bathroom, but you soon figure it out.

You as you poop, you feel feather on your butt. All the chickens are a the bottom of the outhouse. They fly out covered in shit.

The smell is horrible and you vomit. When you finally clean yourself up, you realize you are naked. You also remember the dirty clothes you had on earlier. You head back to the farmer's market. A girl named Jenny comes up to you. "Hey I saw you talking to Libby yesterday".

You say "Yeah. We had dirty sticky sex in the chicken coop and then I threw up after all the chickens were covered in shit. What's up with you?".

Jenny smiles and says "I'm sorry, but I got a date tonight". You ask "Really? I thought you were going to meet me at the farmer's market". "No, I met a guy at the market. He's really nice. I wish we could hang out more". "Wait, did you say he's really nice?" You ask.

You say "Is his name Bob?"

You nod. "Yep, I just said that so you'd want to hang out with him too". You laugh and smile. "Okay then, but I'm not sure if I should go with him or you". Jenny laughs. "It's okay, we can wait. I'll drive you home if you change your mind".

You decide to seduce Bob and steal him away from Jenny.

> You go with Bob You agree to go with Bob since you would rather spend time with him than Jenny anyway. You get in Bob's car and he drives you to the farmer's market. You arrive there and the crowd looks very different than when you arrived here yesterday. There are many new faces. Some girls are wearing tight dresses and short skirts.

You tell everyone to gather around for the show. Everyone forms a large circle around you. You pull down your pants and begin to sit on and smash thousands of eggs with your butt.

Everyone claps and cheers. You continue to do this for hours. Finally, you take a break and lay down on a nearby bench. You don't know how much longer you can keep doing this. Suddenly, you feel something touch your ass. It's Jenny. She kisses you on the cheek and asks if you're ready to go yet.

You go home with Jenny.

> Next day...

Morning arrives and you wake up early. You grab your bag and head outside. You walk along the road where several cars are parked. You spot a man sitting in one of them. He has a big grin on his face. He sees you and waves. You wave back. "Hello sir", you greet. "Nice suit, I like suits". "Thanks, I like suits too".

You Suit. Suits. Suits. Suits.

Suits. > You say "Do you work here?" He nods. "Yes, I am a tailor. I cut suits for rich people".

You say "Why don't you cut out of work early and get on my ass?"

He thinks about it for a moment. "Sure, why not". He walks over to you. You both start working on cutting the suits. After a few minutes, you finish and he sits back down on his chair. "So what brings a tailor into our humble shop?" You ask. He shrugs. "We all do odd jobs around town".