Law & Necromancy

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“Dead men tell no tales as they say, right? Well your honor, that’s just not true. As a necromancer, I literally summon my first witness to the stand. The victim!”

A door opened at the far end of the room and two burly men in black leather entered with a man between them. He was dressed all in white—the traditional garb for those who were being escorted to their own execution.

You notice the victim is shambling aimlessly and you help direct him to the witness.  The victim takes the stand and says, "
My name is Albert." You look down at his chest where he's wearing an iron collar around his neck. It has a large lock attached on one side so it can be locked shut. Your eyes are drawn back up to his face which looks like someone had taken a giant shit into his mouth and then
 filled it with dirt. His cheeks have been hollowed out by some disease or another and his skin sags from underneath the weight of his skull. “That’s my name, Albert.

You ask Albert if he remembers anything from the night of the incident.
 He shakes his head no. "I remember nothing."
"But you do recall this morning?" You point to the big iron collar around his neck.
Albert nods yes. "It hurts.

You explain to the court that you put the collar on Albert as a safety precaution.  You brought Albert back to life to help solve the case, but you know it is only a matter of time before Albert starts to crave human flesh.
 So you will need to remove the collar once Albert has finished testifying.
The judge asks Albert what happened that night. He recounts how he got home from work and found the door open. He walked inside and saw the girl tied to the bed.

You ask Albert, "Did you see the killer?  Was it this man!" and you point to the defendant Hank Hathorne.

Albert says, "No, I didn't see the killer. But he did tie me up."
Hank jumps up and yells, "Objection! My client never touched this man.

You try another of line of question and ask Albert what happened next that he remembers.

Albert says, "He started eating my face."
Everyone in the courtroom gasps. Even Hank is surprised.
You ask Albert if he thinks he could recognize the person who ate his face.

You tell the court that you've been able to compare dental records of Hank's teeth with the bite marks on Albert's face: they match!

You show Albert a picture of Hank. He points to the guy and says, "Yeah, that's the one."
The judge orders the jury to find Hank guilty. The crowd erupts in cheers and applause.

You've won the case, but just as the jury declares Hank guilty, Albert begins to hunger for human flesh.  You try to control Albert by his collar, but he overpowers you and begins to attack Hank.
 You manage to subdue Albert, but now he's going crazy and attacking everyone in sight.

The security guards unload their pistols into Albert, but nothing can stop the undead!

 Hank is shot dead and Albert is finally subdued.
Hank's widow, Maria, swears vengeance on the necromancer responsible for her husband's death. She hires a private investigator to track down the necromancer.

Maria learns that you were responsible and Maria tells you
 she wants your blood. You refuse and tell her that you're innocent. Maria still wants revenge.
She decides to hire a team of mercenaries to capture you. They are led by a woman named Lana.

Unbeknownst to you that a hit team is hunting you down, you ask Maria, "Maria, now that Hank's dead, you're single. Do you want to go on a date?"

Lana interrupts and says, "Hey, boss, we got company. We gotta move out!"
You turn around and see the lead mercenary, a tall, blonde woman named Katarina.

You are quickly surrounded and out of options.  You decide to use your last resort and cast all of the necromancy spells you know.
 You also grab your staff and start swinging it around wildly.
The first spell works and the mercenaries are suddenly turned into piles of ash.
The second spell doesn't work. The mercenaries are now walking around, completely unharmed.

You realize that you must have used a weaker version of the spell than you intended.
Katarina charges at you and grabs hold of your collar. You swing the staff at her head and connect.

Katarina is unfazed and not even knocked back.  She overpowers you and grabs the staff away.

You try to cast a third spell, but Katarina knocks you to the ground and pins you there. You scream as she puts her knee in your stomach.
"Oh, sorry about that," Katarina says.

You confess that you are guilty and plea for your life.  Maria has an idea that requires you necromancy magic.

"Necromancy magic?" Katarina asks.
You nod yes.
Katarina pulls out a pistol and shoots you in the heart.
You fall to the floor dead.

Katarina walks up to you and takes your staff.
She turns to the rest of the mercenaries and says, "Looks like our job here is done."
The End.

Maria Hathorne picks up your spell book and attempts to bring you back to life.  She does, but she didn't cast the spell exactly right and you've back, but you have a

 new body.
You wake up in a coffin.
Your new body is that of a handsome young man with black hair, blue eyes and pale skin. You are dressed in a white shirt and dark pants.

You decide to give yourself a new name:
 Alex Humboldt.
Alex is the son of a wealthy merchant. His mother is beautiful, but also very strict.
Alex's father died when he was only eight years old and left him a great fortune.

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A certain someone is going to be targeted by a mysterious killer.
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