Ladies Night on Noah’s Yacht

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The rain overflows,
Raindrops rolling on your face.
Heaven is crying.
You are a liar and you know it.
> You decide to make amends for all the bad things you have done.
You can't go back to being a criminal. You need help from someone who can guide you in how to become one of them again.
You take an umbrella with a 20 foot cock for a handle and hop on Noah's yacht to start a new life in distant land.
You're on a mission to get rich so you can woo your former girlfriend with flowers, jewelry, clothing and everything else pleasing to women because even lesbians still like dicks if those are big enough.
you head to the bar on ladies night aboard Noah's Yacht. You unleash dong to attract the lesbos.
Waves of lesbian lust tsunami your area.
A lez with a dick so large extends towards yours. You rub your 10 incher against her 20 incher.
> You begin dick dancing with the lez.
You twirl her massive member like mast of a sailing ship and begin kissing her on her hands, then wrists, then elbows, then forearms, then biceps, then triceps and back to her lips.
The DJ, Doctor Phil, starts a real bangin' tune.
You grind your groin into her massive unit and pray that no blood flows to your penis because that would be an inferior spike compared to her awesome one.
You confess your feelings of inferiority to her and she comforts you with her 20 incher.
You embrace the 20 incher and motion to DJ Doctor Phil to put on a romantic slow song.  He gives you a thumbs up and the song begins.
The lights are dimmed in the bar as you and your new lover grind each other's units. Your massive unit slowly converts her into a woman and she tells you of her life as a lumberjack.
By the end of the song, her 20-incher has disappeared and you are completely in love.
After the dance, the lights are turned back on and you're pretty tipsy. You head to the counter for some shots so you can calm your nerves.
At the bar you meet  Long Duk Dong and tell them about your amazing night.
"Hey, I have an idea, let's race to the top of that tower in the center of town."
You oblige and rush toward the tower with your newfound friend.
You reach the top of the yacht and see your lesbian lumberjack lover standing below cheering you on.
"Go, my 20-inch-member-having love!"
You wave at her and something feels different. Something is poking your stomach... and it's moving. You're pregnant!
Noah makes a spot for you in the maternity ward, and before too long you give birth to a healthy lesbian lumberjack-load of a daughter.
You think about the future and it's a little scary. You welcome it with an embrace and a kiss to your new lover.
you name your lesbian lumberjack-load of a daughter: Yurio.
You reached the "Girly Night" ending.
> You raise Yurio on Noah's Yacht.
On the rare chance your child turns out to be a male, the masculine setting will do.
You go for a swim in the pool with your new family and girlfriend.
The moral of the story: Girls with dicks make everything better.