Kringle: Candy

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Santa Claus has been planning to take over the North Pole for years. He has patiently waited for the elves to grow old and weak for his retribution. The time has come. Santa Claus and his naughty rag-tag army of elves, gnomes, fairies, dragons, candycane vampire elves, etc. now control the North Pole, but Santa knows that the North Pole can only remain his if he can conquer all of Kringle. To do this, Santa needs to take out two of his biggest competitors, the Easter Bunny and Jack Frost. Will you help Santa or fight back and help the elves?

You are Candy, a female Candy Elf Ranger in the Candy Forest. You live in the Candy Castle and are the princess of the forest. You are the sole protector of the forest and the Candy King's only heir. One day, while you are out in the forest, you come across a strange man dressed like a candy cane. You ask him what he is doing out there and he says he's lost. He seems very depressed and is wandering around in circles.
You wait til night fall and sneak past Santa's army to retrieve the cupidbot's bow. This is a simple bow that is only good for one shot, but it's a start. You hope this Santa isn't too big of a threat, because the elves will need all the help they can get.
You take the bow and see that you have been spotted by a Rudolph.  You shoot Rudolph with the one shot. You watch his body crumble to the ground.
"Hey! Those are for the poets, candy lady!"
You fire at the next reindeer.
You take out your bow to fire at the strange man, but you have no more arrows.  Then you remember fables of Cupid and think hard about love.  It takes a moment, but your love has summoned another arrow.  You draw back your bow and fire at the strange man where your cupid arrow hits him directly in his buttocks.
The man falls to the snow and you run up to him.
"What are you doing? I'm dying of cold!"
"Shut up, and stop dying."
The old man tells you he is Santa and that you were a worth opponent.  Santa gives you the last piece to complete CupidBot's bow.
"What is that?"
"It's a war-hammer. You should use it on that fortress."
Upon striking Santa's fortress, the attack begins to crumble the massive fortress.
You take the broken bow to Fabio, a famous bowsmith and handsome man.  Fabio says he will have the bow ready in a fortnight.  You return to Fabio who shows you the completed CupidBot Bow.
"Let me test it out." You say as you pull the bow back.
It has a decent draw, but nothing special.