Kevin Haultertop, a young man who’s visiting a library for the first time in years

Posted under Episode 143, Story On By Chief

You walk inside and quickly become bothered by the smell of old books. You light a match to make the library smell better. A guy bonks into you, which leads to you dropping the match on the floor. Because of the match, the library is on fire. Instead of putting out the fire, you walk out of the library and start heading home.

You find yourself in front of your house, where you see that it's now on fire as well. Your house burns down while you're still trying to put it out.

You bonk into a defense attorney and ask him to defend you if you get arrested for burning down the library and your house.

He says he'll try his best, but he can't do anything since there's no law against such things at this point.

You accidentally set your attorney on fire.

He screams in pain and falls unconscious before he can get help.

Your attorney bonks you with a lawsuit for felony arson.

> You continue... The next day, you wake up from a nap to find that the lawyer has died. He was just sleeping when he got hit by the suit of yours. A judge sentences you to three years in prison. The judge also orders you to pay $10 million dollars to the lawyers' fees.

You try to keep to yourself in prison, but one day you accidentally bonk into Ripper, the head of the Latin Counts prison gang. He is not happy.

Ripper: "What the fuck did you do?" You: "I'm sorry". Ripper: "No, I mean what the hell were you doing? What did you do?!" You: "I didn't do anything!" Ripper: "Then why the fuckin' apology?! That fucking asshole! He killed my lawyer!"

You go to the prison library and study up on law to represent Ripper. He holds off on killing you until after his court date.

While in court, he gets angry at you again. He tells you that he doesn't like how you act like an innocent person instead of being a villain, so he wants to kill you. However, you have other ideas. The judge gives you the chance to plead guilty or not guilty.

You plead guilty on Rippers defense. You advise the judge that he sentence Ripper to death.

The judge agrees and puts you in charge of the Latin Counts gang. The Latin Counts gang becomes very powerful under your leadership. However, you don't stay too long in power. One night you sleep in your car, thinking about your past. It seems that you've been living a lie ever since you started running the gangs.

You are approached by Ellis Boyd Redding, who has been in prison longer than you. He tells you, "I hear that I'm a man that can get things." You ask him to get you a box of matches.

You tell him to meet you later at the park where you used to play as a kid. When he arrives, he finds that you have already lit a match and is waiting for him. He asks you, "Why did you give me a second chance?" You reply, "Because I love you". You then kiss him and leave.

You decide to help Ellis get his high school diploma. You teach him how to read, even though he gets frustrated. Ellis passes the exam.

Ellis starts getting more confident, but you stop him because you know he will eventually break out of your control. You have to let him go. He runs away. You never saw him again.

You call everyone in the gang into your cell for a gang meeting. You give everyone an inspirational speech. You start the speech by saying...

"Gangsters, we need to unite. We need to be strong. This isn't going to end well if we don't work together. Now, we are going to take back our own turf". Everyone looks around nervously. They all stand and bow their heads. Then they begin chanting, "We Are Gangsters! We Are Gangsters! We Are Gangsters!".

You start a prison riot.

All of the inmates join in the fight. You win easily. The only ones left are Ellis and a few others. Ellis tries to escape but you catch him. Ellis: "I thought you said you loved me". You: "Yes, but I meant it". Afterwards, you say goodbye to Ellis and drive off to your new life.