Kedar: Alena

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Kedar is a world of dragons, demons, and monsters. These dark creatures constantly war for control of the land, leaving the few human kingdoms in the shadow of a dark and powerful force. But now, the kingdoms of man are fighting back, slowly assembling an army to reclaim their world.

You are Alena, a female human warden in the Kingdom of Kense. You've been training to use weapons and magic to defend the land for many years. You are a bit of a hot-head, but are still a powerful fighter and a valuable addition to the royal army. One day while training you notice a strange rift in the sky.
Out of the sky falls a red dragon, and it appears to be wounded. The red dragon breathes fire at a group of demons who are running at the drake, but the demons don't stop their advance.
You go to Santa's sleigh and retrieve cupid's head. As you look at the head, the vision fades.
After a moment, you realize what you just saw. Christmas is near, but there are few toys for Kedars children.
You look in Santa's sleigh.
You find a small, moveable toy store, perfect for children. This is the perfect gift for the children of Kedar. But how will you get it to them?
You get in the Sleigh and continue to go through the toy sack. You find the perfect gift for Kedar. But how will you get it there?
You look in the sleigh and find continued weapons, including an experimental laser rifle with a full clip.
You find a local elf that tells you he can take you to Santa's crashed sleigh and you follow him.  You arrive at Santa's sleigh to see Cupid's head. A tear falls out of the glass eye.
You pick up the head and put it in your bag. You then find a ship that is large enough to carry the toys you've gathered.