Jerry Sampson, a fun loving slacker who has been busy playing video games

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Your sister calls you and reminds you that it's Father's Day. You say, "Oh, no." You quickly drive to your father's house. Your sister is about to go into the house. However, you take the presents that she was going to give to your father. You enter the house, while carrying your sister's gifts. You lie to your dad about you being the one who got the presents.

You then proceed to play video games for hours. The next day, you get up early to go to school. While walking, your sister says, "Hey, I saw you with those presents yesterday". You reply, "Yeah, well, they were my dad's". She replies, "But why did you do that?" You respond, "I dunno..".

While you are at school, your sister destroys all your video game systems .

Her brother comes in and asks you what happened. You tell him about her breaking them. He tells you he wants to help you. You say, "Sure" and ask if he can come over. He agrees and you both leave the school. On your way home, you see your sister again. She tells you, "That was stupid of me. We'll have to fix this later".

You and your sister go to an electronics store to get parts to fix your Xbox. The store seems to be abandoned.

You and your sister are lost. Suddenly, a man comes out from another room. He looks like a stereotypical nerd. His hair is combed back, his clothes are dirty, he doesn't look happy, and he's wearing glasses. He walks towards you and says, "What're you two doing here?". You reply, "We just came here looking for parts for our video games".

You recognize the nerd is Chad Chadson, captain of the knitting team and douchbag.

> You tell Him About Your Sister's Broken Gifts The nerd stares at you blankly. Then, he turns around and leaves. You sigh. After getting home, you tell your sister about the incident. She gets angry at you. You apologize and explain to her how Chad is a jerk. She says, "Well, maybe that's why he broke your presents..".

You and your sister plot to steal Chad Chadson's favorite knitting needles. That'll show him.

> You Steal Chad's Knitting Needles The next morning, you wake up before your sister does. You grab some knitting needles and yarn. You head downstairs to find Chad asleep on the couch. You sneak upstairs and grab the needles and yarn. You put them together and tie them up. You then throw them outside where Chad sleeps.

You wake up your sister, and the both of you sneak out of Chad's house with his knitting needles. You take the needles to a local pawnshop and trade them for video games.

Your sister says, "Wow, that was really awesome! Thanks for helping us!" You reply, "No problem. It's not every day you get to help someone without asking first".

One of the video games you got is called Needle Points, a videogame about knitting. You and you sister become obsessed with the game and become really good at it.

> You start Playing the Game Together You and your sister are so good at needlepoint that you even win prizes. You decide to make a movie about the whole time.

Chad Chadson figures out that you are the ones who stole his knitting needles and he is really mad at you. He also becomes really good at the Needle Points videogame, and you all enter the local tournament.

After beating the other contestants, Chad loses control of his car and crashes into a tree. He dies instantly. Your sister cries when she finds out. The next day, you and your sister watch a documentary about the accident. They talk about how Chad died because he wasn't careful enough. You and your sister are very sad.

You read the police report and find out someone cut his car's brake lines.

The next day, you and your sister are playing Needle Points. You begin to lose interest when you find yourself unable to move. You try to stop the game by tapping on the screen, but nothing happens. You then tap on the screen, but nothing happens. You then tap on the screen, but nothing happens. Suddenly, you feel yourself floating through space.

You come face to face with a mysterious knitted being. "I am Crochetus, god of weaving pasttimes," it tells you. "Chad Chadson was murdered. Find the killers to avenge knitters everywhere!"

> You Kill Chad's Killer You kill the knitted being and return to the hospital. When you arrive there, you tell the doctors what happened. They suspect that the crash must've had something to do with it. They don't believe that Chad was killed by himself though. They think that somebody else killed him. You are arrested and charged with murder.

Your sister goes to the morgue and find Chad and Chad's alleged killer both had knitting needles stuck through her heart. She and you realize the real killer is still out there.

> You Kill All the Suspects You murder all the suspects. One by one they die. Finally, you discover the murderer. He's a girl named Julie. Her father is a doctor and she used to play with your sister as a kid. She didn't want her to grow up to be a bad person. She wanted her to be nice.

You Your sister asks Julie why she killed all those people.

Julie replies that she did it because she thought it would be funny. Julie is sentenced to death. A few years later, she commits suicide in prison. You don't blame Julie for Chad's murder.

You are freed from prison and given a million dollars for wrongful imprisonment.