Jennifer Updyke, a well known fashion critic living in New York City

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You have been invited to a fashion show to unveil Giorgio Armani's newest summer collection. The show goes well and you head backstage. Giogio Armani grabs you by the arm and says...

"I'm going to introduce you to my new model tonight". You look at him with surprise, "A model? What do you mean?" He smiles and points towards an empty spot on the stage. He continues, "This is her name is Victoria. She is not only beautiful but also very talented. I think she will do great things for this company".

You flirt with Victoria, but you secretly hate her.

Her looks make her seem like some sort of sex object rather than someone who has talent. As soon as you leave the dressing room you realize that she was right, she does have talent. She takes over the entire stage during the performance and even steals the show. Everyone is talking about her and she is getting attention from all sorts of men.

You stalk her for the next three days in order to find out how she is so successful and talented. You want to know Victoria's secret.

> You stalk Victoria The first day you go to Victoria's apartment building looking for her, you see many people walking around there. You decide to follow them. After a few minutes you see Victoria entering an elevator which seems to be taking her somewhere. You decide to follow her. When you get into the elevator you notice it doesn't stop when it reaches its destination.

You arrive at the penthouse suite, a bouncer stops you as you exit, but Victoria lets him knows you are cool. You follow Victoria into a lavish room filled with gold everything.

A huge bed covers one side of the room while another bed covers the other. There are two large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. On either side of the room are several marble statues of nude women. One statue depicts a naked woman sitting on top of a horse. It sits perfectly still. Another statue depicts a naked woman lying on a couch holding hands with a man.

Victoria turns to you and says "I am seven hundred years old. I know the secret to everlasting beauty and talent."

She then starts kissing the statues and touches herself. "What do you need me to do?" You ask. "Just relax. You'll enjoy yourself". Afterwards you watch Victoria take off her dress revealing her body. She begins stroking her breasts and massaging her pussy. Suddenly she notices you watching her. "Oh don't worry".

You say "So seven hundred years old, how did you manage that?"

She replies with a smile "It's just the way I am now". Suddenly Victoria gets up and walks over to you. She kisses you passionately and then puts her arms around your waist. She whispers in your ear "We're gonna have so much fun together, just promise me that". You nod eagerly and start kissing her back.

You ask while kissing her "So, how do I become forever young, beautiful, and talented just like you?".

Victoria answers "That's easy. Just let me touch you, kiss you, suck you, fuck you, whatever you want. We can do anything we want to each other. Now let's get started!" Suddenly Victoria pulls away from you. She says "Wait, what were we doing?" You reply "Well I thought you wanted to put your clothes back on".

Victoria says, "If you want immortality, suck on these titties. If not, you can leave and go back to your boring life of mediocrity!" You think about, and you answer her...

The End

You decide to become immortal, beautiful, and talented by fucking and sucking Victoria.

When he heard the news, Steve had no idea where to turn. He didn't know anyone in town, let alone a doctor. So he called his wife, who lived nearby, and asked if they could drive down to the hospital. He got through to the answering machine, but she wasn't answering. He tried calling again, but he couldn't reach her either.