Jason wanted to be an awesome investigator for the police department

Posted under Episode 88, Story On By Chief

You are joined by Tony, the voice of reason and Jim, the shy guy who hides everything except his eyes and forehead. One day, Tony runs up to you, while you're watching TV and says, "Somebody's getting mugged on the street. We gotta help him." You say, "I don't feel like it.".

He replies, "You can do it!" The next day, after doing some investigating in your spare time, you come across a man being robbed at gunpoint. As you run over to save him, he points his pistol at you. "Whoa! Hold on!" you exclaim. "Don't shoot me!" The robber doesn't listen and shoots you in the chest.

You are wearing a bullet proof vest. You then knock the gun out of his hand.

He is now in shock. You then grab him by the shirt collar and throw him onto the ground. "What the hell did you just do?" you ask. The robber looks at you with tears in his eyes. "I was trying to help this poor guy get away from some robbers," he says. "But I didn't mean to kill you," you reply.

You look through the guy's wallet and learn his name is Semen Extractor. That gives you an idea. You extract a semen sample from him in case you need to identify him later.

> You continue... Semen Extractor: Semen Extractor "Well, that explains why you were shot in the chest," you think as you put the gun back into its holster. You take the gun apart and check all the parts. Then you find that there is a piece missing from one side of the trigger assembly.

You check the hole in your jacket and realize there's no hole, just ... semen. He shot you with his dick!

Semen Extractor: What? How could you even know what that means? You are still shocked about the incident. You have been drinking too much. You go home and tell everyone what happened. Everyone thinks you are crazy, but you explain that you had sex with a dead body. Your friends believe you.

You show your friends the cum filled creampie in your chest as proof.

The end