Jason the friendly and fun loving star of the hit show AIPD

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The show is about you making comedic stories with the help of an AI. Your friends, Tony and Jim, enjoy being your co-hosts, but they want to start earning their own fame. Tony decides to create a show called AIPD 2: The Better Edition. Jim finds out about this and in response, he creates a show called AIPD 3: The Even Better Edition.

> You create AIPD 3: The Even Better Edition You spend many hours creating the show. It's not quite as funny or entertaining as the other two shows, but it's still pretty good. By the end of the week, you're proud of what you've created. "Wow," says Tony. "I can't believe we got away with that".

You hire an enforcer to scare Tony and Jim into shutting down their shows. You make a mask of your face and tell the enforcer to wear it.

He does so without hesitation. You then get rid of the rest of the cast members who have no idea why they're no longer working on the show. The next day, you go to work, hoping that everything will be back to normal soon.

You meet AIPD's Officer Fudge. Officer Fudge hears it's your birthday and delivers a hot tub full of fudge. You eat it all and gain 1200 lbs overnight.

The next morning, you wake up to find yourself at 1000 pounds! You feel great and think you deserve to be happy. A few days later, you decide to call it quits. You say goodbye to everyone and head home.

Tony and Jim are concerned and stage an intervention at a local Fuddrucker's. You grow furious and roll back and forth over Tony and Jim until they are unconscious.

You take them outside where you beat them to death. "What a fucking asshole!" you shout. "They were ruining my life!"

You decide not to let two perfectly delicious dead bodies go to waste and eat them. After eating them, you start to hear Jim and Tony's voices in your head.

They beg for mercy, but you ignore them.

jim goes into your memories inside your mind. He starts making out with your ex-girlfriend.

She was beautiful and perfect, but she had a personality. That's when you finally snap. "FUCK YOU!" you scream. "YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!" You throw him off the balcony. He falls several stories before hitting his head on the pavement below. Your rage subsides after killing Jim and Tony.

Jim and Tony turn into the demons from Ghost and pull you down to hell.

A year passes... It's been five years since you killed Jim and Tony. You haven't eaten anyone else since then. You don't care anymore; you just want to live forever.

You go to see your doctor for a checkup. He tells you that you are aging at a decreased rate porportional to your weight. He tells you "If you want to live forever, you must gain more weight".

"How?" you ask. "Well, I suggest you put on some weight". Your doctor leaves your office and heads towards the cafeteria. When he gets there, he sees the waitress putting food in her mouth. She looks at him and smiles. He turns around and walks away.

You go to the local aquarium and eat a porpoise to make your weight porportional.

You then look at the bar and begin drinking.

You eat the bartender and everyone at the bar.

Finally, you drink yourself to death.