Jason plays a prank on Jim and Jim retaliates by wearing his skin

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You are Jason of AIPD. While Jim is away on assignment, you and your coworkers Tony and Cory decide to play a prank on Jim. Maybe you'll wrap his desk in giftwrap, replace all his pencils with pens, or glue his stapler to the desk, you know something like that. During the brainstorming session, you have a brilliant idea! You log on to Reindrob Co's website and click over to the gags and novelties section. This is gonna be good!

The next day, you arrive at work and see that Jim has been replaced by a dummy. The office is now empty except for a few papers on the table and some old magazines.
Jim shows up to work and is not amused, he throws the dummy to the floor. He then tells everyone to get out of his way and goes into his office where he continues to rant about how they took everything from him.

As you're leaving, you hear a loud noise coming from outside.
You run outside and see that your car is in flames.
"Oh, shit."
You stand in shock as the firemen take care of the situation. You lost everything in that fire!
You know it was Jim that did this, you come up with a list of 10 ways to get revenge:

The next few days you work on getting your revenge on Jim. Eventually, you end up at scenario 5.

5- You go to the police and tell them everything.
You go to the police and turn Jim in, however he is already there and telling the police that you did it. He also tells them that you are a terrorist as well as an arsonist, he told the police that you were planning to blow up the police department next. They take you away in handcuffs without letting you explain yourself.
You manage to escape the police station and become a fugitive. You are eventually caught and sent to jail for a few years. You try to explain yourself to the DA but he doesn't listen, he just wants a conviction.
You decide the only way to get your true revenge is to go to the mafia and put out a hit on Jim.

6- You wait for Jim at his house.
After a few months of saving money you go to Jim's house and knock on the door. He answers and you punch him in the face.
You strangle the life out of Jim until you realize this Jim, this is the dummy. Jim hits you in the back of the head with a shovel. He rips you're your skin off and strings you up above his fireplace.
Jim leaves to go to work.  You manage to wiggle off the fireplace and you need to find some new skin.  You go to the kitchen and find the perfect skin replacement: Jim's.
You manage to get his skin off and put it on, you then stuff him in the fridge. You notice that there is also another skin left out.
You look at the skin and recognize it as Jim's wife's skin. You start laughing uncontrollably, this is perfect.
You take Jim's wife's skin and put it on, you then stuff her in the fridge.
You pretend to be Jim's wife and surprise him at work with a "special" lunch.

Scenario 7: Revenge at Last
You wait until noon when Jim goes out to lunch and get his wife out of the fridge.
You wait until Jim opens the fridge and then you attack! You take his wife's skin off and wrap it around him.
You then stuff his wife's skin back on. You wack him in the head with the shovel.
You lock Jim in the giant meat fridge and call the police. You tell them that there is a mannequin in the fridge who just killed someone and that they need to come down as soon as possible.
You decide to hide and wait for the police to arrive and open the fridge. You hear sirens in the distance, they should be arriving soon.
You wait several minutes for the police to arrive but nobody comes. You wait for an hour and still nobody comes.
The police finally arrive and are horrified at what the see. The police chief himself comes out of his office and tells everyone to get out their flashlights and search the area.
You manage to hide long enough for everyone to leave.
You realize Jim has escaped. You have only one option, you have to kill him.
You go back to the police station to look for Jim's wife's skin. You find it in the meat locker out back of the police station.
You put on the skin one more time and track down Jim to his secret underground kombucha lair.  You confront Jim on a catwalk above two bubbling hot vats of Kombucha and fight him in a battle to the death.
You manage to knock Jim over the side of the catwalk and he falls into a vat of kombucha, you drink the second vat of kombucha and gain his special powers.
You gain the following kombucha powers:
You don't need to breathe, ever.
You can survive extreme temperatures.
Your skin is now made of cellulose and you can pass through some barriers.
You gain the ability to spit poison.
The moral of the story: Kombucha is good for you.