Jason and the Giant Pumpkin

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You are Jason in a giant pumpkin.
 You look out at the world and you know that it is yours for as long as you can keep your head above water. Your job, like his, will be to stay alive while keeping watch over what lies below—and sometimes not so much under but just beyond where any human could see.

You have lived atop this pumpkin for as long as you can remember.
 It was an old man's idea of a good time, after he'd had too many drinks and couldn't sleep anymore. He said there were no real monsters left on Earth except maybe in our heads.

You see a pack of starving wolves approach the pumpkin.  You know what you have to do.
 The first wolf looks up at you with eyes full of hate. "I'll eat you last," it growls. But then another wolf says something that surprises even you: "We'll share."

You attempt to sow dissent amongst the wolves and you tell the first wolf:
 "Don't listen to him! I'm going to eat all of you!" But they only smile back at you, teeth bared. They say nothing more until the leader tells them to stop circling around and attack.

You use the art of the Pumpkin to defeat the wolves.
 With each passing second, you feel yourself becoming lighter, almost weightless, and you realize how much you've grown attached to the monster. And now you must choose between staying inside or being eaten by those ravenous wolves.

You hop off the pumpkin for the first time in your life and take a battle stance.
 The wolves are confused but they soon figure out that you aren't one of their kind. Their jaws drop open when they see the size of your feet.
"Eat me," you laugh. "I don't care if you share."

The wolves begin to eat your giant feet, but your foot fungus makes them incredibly sick.
 One wolf vomits into its mouth and crawls away from the rest. You follow it and watch as the wolf falls asleep. You find a small patch of grass and lie down next to the wolf.

Your cellphone which has a text message from your adopted son, Tony.  The message reads:
 "Mommy! I'm so sorry about everything. I love you."
It is then that you hear the voice of the Pumpkin: "My name is Jason. Who are you?"
And you answer: "I am the Pumpkin King."

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