Jason, a guy who is hosting a sleepover

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You are joined by your friends, Tony and Jim. The three of you lay on your bed, while watching Frozen 2. Tony starts drinking a bottle of wine, but he accidentally spills the wine on your bedsheets. You say, "Oh, no." Jim accidentally gets popcorn, cookie and chip crumbs on your bed. After that, Tony drops a frosting-filled cake on the bed and Jim says, "Elsa's pretty hot for an ice queen." You facepalm.

"I'm sorry," you say. "It was my bad. I'll clean up right away". Tony laughs. "You're not really sorry, are you?" "No!" you exclaim. "Just...sorry..". Suddenly, a door opens in the room. It's Elsa!

Elsa is joined by Neil Patrick Harris and they enter the room.

Neil Patrick Harris begins to make out with Elsa while she kisses him back. You gasp, then laugh. You all go quiet as Neil Patrick Harris grabs hold of Elsa's ass and pulls her towards him. He puts his hands around her waist and then he pushes her down onto the floor. Neil Patrick Harris begins to kiss Elsa's neck and then he presses his lips against hers.

You continue.

Neil Patrick Harris leans over and presses his face into Elsa's hair. Then, Neil Patrick Harris slides his tongue inside Elsa's mouth and then he begins to suckle on her ear. Neil Patrick Harris continues to eat Elsa's ears until she finally stops moaning and falls asleep. Afterwards, Neil Patrick Harris climbs off of Elsa and he walks over to you and Jim.

You ask him about wrestling.

Neil Patrick Harris tells you that it was great fun. You tell Neil Patrick Harris that he should come back next year. Neil Patrick Harris nods and smiles at you.

"Which one of you said I was pretty hot," Elsa asks. Jim and Tony points to Jason.

Jason laughs, "Yeah, I think you're pretty hot too". The girls start laughing at Jason and he looks like he wants to cry. "Well, that was funny," you say. "What happened?" "We had some sort of accident," you say.

Jim says "I spilled chocolate all over my chin and chest. Whoops." and giggles.

The boys laugh again, but this time it's more embarrassed than anything else. They quickly leave the room and head back to their own rooms. You get a little worried when you see them leave, but you soon realize it wasn't a problem.

You Neil Patrick Harris stays behind. "Let me help you clean up," he tells you. You take off your shirt.

"Thanks," you say. Neil pours water from a glass bottle into your hand and helps you scrub yourself dry. You look over at Jason and he has tears in his eyes. Afterwards, Neil pours himself another drink and thanks you. "Bye everyone, see you tomorrow". You nod and turn to leave. "See ya later, Neil," you call after him.

You play truth or dare.

> You dare Neil Patrick Harris to do something naughty "Dare Neil Patrick Harris to have sex with me". Neil paces nervously. "Um, okay..". he stutters. "Okay, what did you want to dare me to do?" "Uh, well uh, I don't know. Something sexual". "Anything sexual?"

You say "Put my dick in your mouth for one minute."

Neil blushes. "Sure, sure, whatever". You walk past Neil and close the door. Neil sits on the couch. His eyes dart left and right. He thinks about what to do. Finally he speaks. "Hey, can you put your pants back on? I forgot how to do that last night". You chuckle. "Why thank you sir, you're very helpful".

You Ask Neil to sing you a Broadway tune.

Neil complies. A hard day's work takes a toll on you. Your body aches all through, And now you just can't seem to shake it. All you want to do is lie down and rest.

You get bored and turn on the TV to the scrambled porn channel.

You watch a movie called "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To..". Suddenly, you hear a noise coming from the living room. You run into the living room and there stands Neil Patrick Harris. He looks exhausted. "Are you alright?" you ask. Neil shakes his head. "How long have you been awake?" Neil asks.

You Jim and Tony and Elsa walk back into the room. "We can sleep," they all say. Tony asks Elsa to chill his bottle of wine using her magical powers.

He drinks half of it before asking Neil if he needs any help. Neil gives a grunt in reply. "So, what brings you here?" Neil asks. You explain everything to Neil. You say that you've always wanted to meet someone new and you want to spend the night. Neil seems interested and says he will be home soon. He heads upstairs and closes the door.

Jim picks up the phone and asks everyone "Who wants to make prank calls?!" and begins to dial Domino's Pizza.

Neil turns around and sees you standing nearby. "Hey, I'm ready to go!" he exclaims. "Alright, let's go," you say. Neil gets dressed and starts walking toward the front door. You follow. As Neil approaches the front door, he pauses. "Do you mind if we talk outside?" Neil asks.

You reluctantly agree and step on the front porch with Neil.

Neil opens the door and steps out. Neil and you stand there looking at each other for awhile. Neil looks tired. You notice he has a bandage on his forehead. "It's nothing," Neil assures you. "My girlfriend broke up with me yesterday". You smile. "Well, I guess I'll see you soon". Neil shrugs his shoulders and heads inside.

You say "Girlfriend, Neil? We both know you are as gay as the day is long. Tell me who hurt you!"

Neil looks away from you and then says "Oh, she didn't break my heart, she just moved on. She's not even my type. Anyway, I gotta go, good luck with that thing". Neil turns around and walks back inside. You sigh. This must have really pissed off Neil because he doesn't even give you an answer. He just leaves without saying goodbye.

You run up to Neil and rip off his bandage, you see he got a heart tattoo on his forehead that says "Jason" in cursive writing.

Then you start to tear up. You cry for a while until Neil comes back out of the house. He smiles at you. "What was that for?" You tell Neil that he had to know if you were upset by what happened. He nods and replies that he understands. "I'll try to keep things better between us next time". You smile. Neil hugs you.

You see Jim walking down the stairs wearing your mother's underwear and dancing around. He looks drunk and fun.

You run up to him and grab his ass. Jim laughs and tells you to stop. You laugh too and kiss him. Then you run back downstairs and throw your mom's panties at Jim. He catches them and throws them back at you. You run back upstairs and throw them at Jim again. Again, he catches them and throws them back at you.

You begin naked wrestling with Jim. Neil Patrick Harris is consumed with jealousy.

> You take over the world You scream "NO! NO! No! I won't let you destroy this universe!" The two of you continue fighting until you knock over a vase and shatter glass everywhere.

A genie appears, it's Will Smith, he says he'll grant you one wish.

You look at him and see that you have no idea what you'd like to wish for. So you decide to not worry about it and you wish for a nice life. The genie grants your wish and you wake up in your bed. You don't remember anything after that.