Jack Carson, the world’s best wildlife photographer

Posted under Episode 125, Story On By Chief

You are sitting in the jungle in your blind, and you have just spotted the worlds last frosted tipped cougar. You are about to start taking photos of the cougar when you feel a sudden urge to sneeze very loudly.

> You continue... You look up from your camera and see that there is another hunter standing nearby with his rifle raised ready for action. You can't believe it, but this hunter is also blind! He sees everything perfectly fine, but he can't see anything at all! "I'm sorry, I can't help you". The hunter says as he lowers his gun.

You take of photo of the blind hunter poaching animals and expose him to the world. He is arrested the following morning and vows revenge on you.

The next day you go out again, but this time you find yourself surrounded by hunters who are angry because they think you stole their prey. They call upon the police, but you don't give them any trouble and you are released after being fined $200 dollars. The next day you decide to quit hunting completely.

You decide to become a vigilante and hunt the poachers by murdering them one by one and selling their severed dicks on the black market.

You become famous, activist love you and poachers hate you. Eventually you fall for a hunters trap and realize it was set specifically for you. A group of hunter's take you back to their hut and you shit yourself.

You continue.

> You continue... You come out of the bathroom and see a young woman staring at you. She has long curly brown hair and she smiles at you. Her eyes are bright blue like yours and her skin is beautiful. She wears tight fitting clothing and carries a large knife. She looks so much like you that you begin to wonder if this is really you.

You write "I Love You" in your shit. She laughes and unlocks your cage.

"That's my girl!" she exclaims and kisses you passionately. "Now let's get you home". You both walk away from the room and into the forest where you embrace each other. "You're the first person to ever make me happy," you say. "Let's be together forever".

she then pulls down your pants and cuts off your dick with her knife. She then sells your dick on the black market. Your heart is broken.

You mourn the loss of your manhood until you meet a girl named Emily. She is an attractive blonde with big breasts and a nice ass. She tells you that she is going to kill you, but instead she takes you to a party and gives you a blowjob. She goes on to suck your cock until you cum all over her face.

You do a home operation and sew one of the poachers dicks on to please Emily, it's way bigger but the color is way off.

It tastes delicious though.

You ask Emily to describe the taste of your new dick.

She does so and you realize that you can actually taste the blood of the poacher. It tastes delicious.

You hear the poacher's voice in your head, he is taking over your body through your new penis!

Emily becomes jealous and tries to kill you, but you manage to shoot her twice. This causes the poacher to take control of your mind and you are now a ruthless killer. You decide to take revenge against the poachers. You join a gang called the "Cannibal Hunters" and you use your new enhanced senses to track down the poachers.

You find an encampment in the woods full of poachers and proceed to cut off everyone's head with your dick.

After eating some of their heads you notice how their brains are still inside them. You eat a few more before realizing that they will not be able to tell that you ate their brains. You leave the camp and continue killing all of the poachers. You finally catch up to the leader who is a huge bald man with a tattoo of a goat on his forehead.

You plead for mercy and say you are not in control, it's the penis that is making you do this. The bald man doesn't believe you, until you pull down your pants and he recognizes that dick as one of his henchmen.

He shoots you with a poison dart and you die instantly.

The penis is still in control and it strangles the bald man.

Your death is avenged.