It’s Spooky Month!

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It's Spooky Month! You are Skid, a young skeleton suited boy who loves Halloween. You and your brother Pump dance, sing, and watch horror movies every October, also known as Spooky Month. This October you decide to bring a gift to the pet demon you summoned and your mom let you keep. The prefect present is the horror movie named:
 "The Hunt for the Bony Man".
You get home from school that day and run into your house with excitement and slam open the door right in front of your mom.
 Your mom lean's in for a kiss and notices the movie in your hands.
 She looks at it curiously then asks what it is? You tell her its The Hunt for the Bony Man and she says okay.
 You rush into your room and let you friend Mark in through the window. You reveal your troubled past to Mark.
 He sympathizes and tells you he was once like you were before his parents died when he was younger.
 You put on "The Hunt for the Bony Man" and watch with Mark. It is way scarier than you anticipated with scenes like
 murder, torture, and cannibalism. After watching you both go back outside where you start talking about how scary this movie really is. While you're out there, you see something strange happen...
 You look at the dead end of your street and see The Bony Man standing there staring at you! You and Mark run away, but The Bony Man moves at an unearthly speed and is right on your heels. You look for a place to hide, and see
 pumpkins by the road. You grab one and throw it over yourself and Mark just as The Bony Man appears behind you!
 You panic and lean in for a kiss with The Bony Man.
 As you do so, you notice that he has no teeth or lips.
 The Bony Man embraces you and fills your mouth with his foul breath and roaches. Mark runs for help unaware that he has run straight into the Graveyard: Home of The Bony Man!
 As soon as Mark enters the graveyard, he hears screams coming from inside. He thinks it must be some kind of prank going around since nobody else seems to hear them.
 Mark knocks over graves and smashes flowers in his frantic running. This makes the Bony Man forget all about you and go chase after Mark.
 Eventually, Mark gets lost in the graveyard and decides to climb up on top of a tombstone. When he does, The Bony Man grabs him and pulls him down.
 You watch as Mark is pulled into the ground. You run over and see that there is a secret entrance to an underground crypt. You can hear Mark scream for help, so you decide to help him and enter.
 In the dark, you fall head first into a coffin filled with bones. Once you get used to the darkness, you realize you've landed in the catacombs underneath Paris.
 You panic and back into a wall. You look up and see Mark is floating in the air lifeless. The Bony Man is right underneath and appears to be doing some sort of ritual. Mark comes to and sees you and whimpers, "Kill me..."
 Then the Bony Man stops chanting and goes to eat you alive. You try to fight him off, but he is too strong.
 You notice Mark slowly descend. You say, "Mark help me, please!" But something is different about Mark... his lips and teeth are missing! You look around see a bunch of Bony Men's victims now servants surround. You are devoured as you scream into the night, your last words are, "
 Pumpkings spookies."
That's not quite true though because next year, you don't have any friends left.