Impmon, a Digimon that requires solar energy

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You are Impmon, a Digimon that requires solar energy.  You live with your master Veemon. He is the only one who can provide you with enough power to survive.

The world has been in an age of darkness for years now and it seems like this dark will never end.
> You ask your master Veemon when he will give you the power you need.
"I don't know! I just keep on thinking about how much I want to go out there and fight!" Veemon says. "It's not fair! The world needs me here."
> You leave the training dojo and go on a grand adventure.
You are no longer able to stand staying in the training dojo. You decide to leave and go on an adventure, leaving your master behind.
no sooner do you leave your home that you bump into Jessie and James, a pair of dimwitted Team Rocket agents who think you're a Pokemon. They stuff you into a burlap sack.

"Got another one, boss!" you hear one of them say.
"Good," you hear the boss reply.
> You use your superpowers to break free from the bag and fight off Team Rocket.
You immediately use your chaingun hands to start shooting at the Rockets. They get taken by surprise and fall quickly. When their boss arrives, he gets blasted as well. The rest of the Team Rocket agents surrender.
You take over as the new head of Team Rocket.  You turn it from a criminal organization into the number one solar harvesting company on the planet. You use the income to fund massive technological advances, which enable humanity to leave the planet.
You create a utopia.
Everything is going great until one day when you are visited by Officer Jenny, who is looking into the murder of team rocket.
"The world is a better place without them," you say.
"You just admitted to killing them," Officer Jenny says.
> You say "no I didn't"
"That's ridiculous," you say.
"It sure is," Officer Jenny says. "Now come with me."
Officer Jenny takes you away to a prison cell. You're never heard from again.
> You hire a digi-attorney to get you out.
You get out of prison immediately. You quickly become the most successful and beloved person on the planet. Everyone wants to be your friend, you have lots of money, and you have several beautiful girlfriends.
The end.
> You hold a press conference and say, "I'm just kidding, of course; I killed them"
You hold a press conference and admit that you killed Team Rocket. Nobody is amused.
You are immediately thrown back into prison. You never escape.
> You call up your digi-attorney and tell him to get you out of here.
He does so successfully, and you live happily ever after.
You pay for a television advertisement during the super bowl about your new book where you admit to killing everyone and how you learned to play the digi-derido. You become incredibly famous and have many endorsement deals, but you continue to be reviled for your earlier actions.
You continue to get older.
> You the more you talk about the killings, the less people care and the more guilt you feel.
You go through the rest of your life in jail.
You get a visit in prison from the last person on Earth you'd expect: Veemon. He says he came to thank you, because if it weren't for you he'd still be in the digital world.
You lean in for a kiss with Veemon. He's a bit hesitant at first, but he accepts. You then realize that after everything that's happened, you're finally at peace.
> You feel a churning in your stomach and realize you have serious digestive issues.
You die in prison.
The moral of the story: don't kill people.