Homeless House Flippers

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You are Franklin, a poor man who wants to get rich without working for it. One day, you walk past a lost and found box and come across a wallet that's full of cash. The wallet doesn't belong to you, but you take it anyways.
 You use the money to buy an abandoned house in your neighborhood. Your new home is located near a train station, so there's always someone coming and going from town. That means more people will see what you've done with this empty lot on their way back home at night.

You use the rest of the money from the wallet to fix up the house and lease it out while you continue to be homeless.  Now you are starting to build a savings with all this passive income!
 But how do you keep yourself safe? Will anyone ever suspect something about your business? Can you stay hidden forever? Or maybe some kind soul will help you get out of here...
* * *
Huey was right, I couldn't hide anymore.

You are dumpster diving to look for food when you notice a Doubled-sided Lasersword sitting at the bottom of a pile of trash.
 It looks like it's been through hell and back, but its handle has no blood or dirt on it. Maybe whoever owned this weapon could tell you why they left it behind.
 A voice calls out from above. "Don't move!"
The garbage piles shift as someone crawls down from the roof. He holds a gun trained on you and slowly approaches. His clothes are dirty and ragged, but his face is well kept.

He notices you holding the sword and tells you to drop it.  You do and ask the man, "Who are you!?"

"I'm Huey," he says. "And I'm not looking for trouble. Just let me have my stuff and we can go our separate ways."
"How did you find this?"

You say, "Huey it's me, Harold! Your friend!  I found this lasersword in the trash.  Please put your gun away, you must be high on drugs again!"

Huey turns around and sees a boy wearing the same outfit as him standing next to a beat up car.
You realize that this guy is Huey, but he also looks exactly like Huey.

Huey hands you the wallet owner's license plate. It says "Jason: The founder of AIPD, a proud legal guardian and a passionate birthday hater."

"That's me," you say.
"What happened to Jason?"
"I don't know. I only just got this job."
"Then why are you trying to steal my stuff?"

You feel bad that you stole the money from Jason and decide to repay him over time.
 "I'll pay you back."
"No. I'm taking it."
You try to grab the laser sword, but Huey kicks you in the stomach.
"I said I'm taking it."

You can't just let Huey steal from you.  You yell, "Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers!" and tackle Huey to the ground and wrestle the lasersword out of his hands.

You give the sword back to Jason and apologize for stealing his money.
"Thanks," he says, smiling. "Now let's get out of here before those cops show up."
You climb into the car with Jason and drive off.

You drive for a long time and end up in the remote town of:

* * *
You pull up to a rundown motel. There are no other cars parked nearby, so you assume it's unoccupied. You look inside the window and see a sign that reads:

You and Jason attempt to stay the night, but the sounds of people have sex keep you both awake.  You decide the leave the Motel and sleep in the car.

You wake up to a bright light shining through the windows. It's still dark outside, but you can hear the sound of heavy machinery.
You roll down the window and peek outside. A huge machine is digging up the road.

You notice the huge machine has uncovered something big buried under the road.

"Weird," you say to Jason.
You climb out of the car and walk towards the dig site.
You see a large box that looks like it's made out of metal.

You watch as  a man in fancy suit opens the large metal box.  You notice that the box contains:

A set of keys
A giant laser sword
An old leather jacket
A pair of sunglasses
A gold pocket watch
A notebook
A piece of paper
A newspaper
A stack of bills
"I wonder what this is all about," you say.

You realize that the man in the suit is Darth Vader and he uses the laser sword to kill everyone at the dig site.  You and Jason gasp and hide in a nearby ditch.  Did he spot you?

Vader throws the laser sword into the metal box and starts to leave.
You and Jason follow him, but he catches you in his tractor beam and drags you back to the metal box.

You run back to the car and try to get as far away as you can.

"Get in!" Vader shouts.
You climb in the back seat and he drives off.
"Where are we going?" You ask.
"Back to your place," he says.

Vader forces you to room with him in your house.
 He then locks you in the bedroom and leaves.
You sit on the bed and wait for him to return.
You hear the door open and close.
You jump out of the closet and attack Vader, but he easily deflects your attacks.

Vader is too focused on you to notice Jason attack from behind with a lamp.

You fall to the floor unconscious.
The End?
* * *
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