Hermione Pickles, Magical Orthodontist

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You are Hermione Pickles the magical Orthodontist.  You are fixing Hagrid's teeth, they are very bad. If you don't fix them soon he won’t be able to eat properly anymore and will die of malnutrition.

The next day you wake up early in order to get there before everyone else does so that you can do it yourself.
> notice the door to Hagrid's cottage is locked

You walk over to the door and try to open it but you realize its locked. You look around for something that might help you unlock it, but you see nothing useful.
> smash the window with your head

You smash your head against the glass pane of the window, shattering it completely. The glass shatters and splinters all over you as you fall backwards off the bed.

You hit your head on a piece of broken furniture which causes you to lose consciousness.
> fall forward

You fall forward and land on your face. Your head hits the floor hard and you feel like you're going to pass out right now.
> pass out and hope no one notices

You begin to pass out and then suddenly someone comes into the room. It's Hagrid who has been working on his cottage all morning. He looks at you and sees that you’re unconscious and begins to worry about you.
> wake up and start working on Hagrid's teeth

You awaken from your sleep and immediately start working on Hagrid's teeth.

Hagrid looks at you and says "I told ya I wouldn’t let anyone near him!" He starts yelling at the person who was trying to steal his stuff.
> "Come on Hagrid, that was me, your Orthodontist.  I was trying to help you"

He smiles and nods "Oh yes, I remember you. You were a little girl who lived down the road from me when we were kids."

You smile back and nod "Yeah, that's me too. I used to play outside all the time with my dog Toto."
> ask Hagrid to tell you about the scarecrow

Hagrid tells you about how he had just finished building the Scarecrow when some people came by and said they wanted to borrow it. They asked if Hagrid could lend them his dog Toto, but Hagrid didn't have any spare dogs. So they took a scarecrow instead.
> promise Hagrid to get his scarecrow back

You promise Hagrid to get his scarecrow back and he gives you a small bag full of coins.

Hagrid thanks you and takes his leave. You go back to work on Hagrid's teeth and you finish fixing them in an hour or two.
> track the scarecrow down at a local corn field

You decide to search the nearby cornfield for the Scarecrow. You find it and take it home where you fix it up.

The next day you go back to work on Hagrid's teeth and finish fixing them in an hour or two.
> "how did your teeth get so bad after I just fixed them up, what are you eating Hagrid!?"

You explain to Hagrid that you've been eating way more than usual lately and that your teeth hurt. He doesn't seem surprised by this fact, he just asks if you want him to come with you to the dentist.
> tell Hagrid you are afraid of the dentist

You tell Hagrid that you are afraid of the dentist because he will probably put something in your mouth that won't be good for you.

Hagrid seems very sad and apologizes to you before leaving.
> convince Hagrid to stay and offer him some drugs

You persuade Hagrid to stay by saying that he can still do better things like playing cards or chess. He agrees and stays with you until the end of the year.

Year 20 (Spring)

You're happy to see Hagrid again since he seemed really lonely last time.
> examine Hagrid's teeth

You spend the rest of the day examining Hagrid's teeth. You also give him some pills to make him feel better.

Afterwards you tell Hagrid that he needs to eat more and drink less, otherwise he might get sick or die soon.
> !Hagrid loses his temper and punches you in the head.

Hagrid is angry with you and punches you in the face. You fall backwards hitting your head on the table causing you to lose consciousness.

When you wake up, Hagrid has left your house and never returned.
> go to Therapist and tell them all that has happened between you and Hagrid over the past 20 years

You go to the therapist who is shocked by what you told her. She thinks you're crazy and sends you home.

In the morning, you cry over your broken nose and your lost tooth.
> learn to fall forwards and install magical legs that prevent you from falling backwards

You learn how to use magic legs and they help you to avoid falling backwards.

Your life continues as normal.
> encounter a steep hill that has iced over, put your new legs to the test and slip down the hill

You climb up the steep hill and put your new legs to the test. The first few times you slip down the hill, but then you manage to keep yourself from sliding back down.
> plant a flag at the top of the hill, it says "Believe in yourself and you will never fall backwards"

You plant a flag at the top of the hill which reads: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOU WILL NEVER FALL BACKWARDS!
> spot Hagrid at the bottom of the hill and slide down to knock him over

You run towards Hagrid and try to knock him over. Unfortunately, you slip and fall down the hill instead.

The next day, you notice that Hagrid has disappeared. You search everywhere for him but find nothing.
> ask Hagrid's mother where he is

You go to Hagrid's mother who tells you that she doesn't know where he went. She says that he was always very quiet and didn't talk much.
> wonder if Hagrid is really himself or an imposter

You think about this problem for a while and decide that maybe Hagrid isn't really himself. He could be an impostor. You begin to question everything you've ever known since you were little.

You start to believe in God, angels, spirits and other supernatural beings.