Heidi Klum Worm Odyssey – Your name is Neil, and you are a worm.

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Your name is Neil, and you are a worm. Your worm girlfriend Heidi just asked you if you would still love her if she were a human woman. you know this is a trick
 question because worms don't love anyone except themselves, right? but you could still lie to her and say you love her anyway even if you knew it was a trick question.
You say yes, of course I will love my girlfriend no matter what. You are so lucky to have such an amazing girlfriend!
Heidi says:
"Neil, I'm not a girl anymore."
 Heidi pulls off her skin revealing that she has completed her transformation into a giant worm.
 "I'm a worm now!"
"WHAT!?" you shout in shock as the world around you fades away.
"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," Heidi says as her entire body begins to writhe with pleasure. "I've always wanted to be a worm, I've always dreamed about it, and now I can finally become one!"
 You find out that Heidi was transformed by the Red Witch and you storm over to the Red Witches house to ask if there is any way to reverse her back into a women.
 You find out that the only way is for the witch to sacrifice herself and transform Heidi into a worm before she dies.
The Red Witch says:
"I am sorry Neil, but it's too late, your girlfriend is already a worm."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, it's kind of complicated.
 You level up and gain the following dirt powers:
 Dirt-Finger, Dirt-Paw, Dirt-Horn, Dirt-Spike, Dirt-Tongue, Dirt-Snout, and Dirt-Eyes. The first three are nothing special; they allow you to dig stuff up or scratch at things. The last two are pretty useful though.
 You use Dirt-Eyes on the Red Witch.
 She will die instantly from it, but then you can take her place and live in her body until you level up again. That's how you get your girlfriend back."
"But what about Heidi?" You ask.
"She'll still be a worm, but she won't need to die anymore. She'll stay a worm forever after that."
 You realize the Red Witch is not going to help you so you turn to science!  You consult Beverly Hills most prestigious plastic surgeon: Dr
. Frankenstein. He tells you you need to use an experimental serum he has created. It will make you look like a woman while making you a parasite inside her. After it's done, you will be able to change her back whenever you want.
"But how do I know if it will work? I'm not a scientist!"
 You hesitate to become a parasite, but the thought of having your beautiful Heidi back makes you agree.  Dr Frankenstein completes the procedure and when you wake up you look into the mirror.
 You see yourself as a woman. You feel much more feminine than you ever did as a man. You also smell like a woman. You decide to go to the bar and try to get some attention, hoping it will work. You order a drink and sit down at a table.
As you sip your drink, you notice the bartender staring at you.
 You lean in for a kiss with the bartender.
 As you do, you feel the alcohol hit your tongue and you begin to taste the liqueur. You immediately start drooling and your legs begin to shake. You can feel your crotch beginning to grow and you realize you are a woman. You shake your head to clear away the alcohol and continue to eat your meal.
You finish eating and stand up to leave.
 You look down and see the parasite has grown to a massive size.  You suspect the alcohol has accelerated it's growth.
 You walk across the room holding onto the wall as you feel the parasite begin to move through your body. Your legs begin to shake as you feel the parasite begin to spread throughout your body.
You fall to the floor and crawl towards the exit. You hear people talking behind you and soon realize you are being followed.
 You look up and notice the bar is filled with medical professionals keen on seeing how Dr Frankenstein's highly experimental serum is working.  You start to speak, but then start to vomit.  Your body is rejecting the parasite!
  You drop the glass and the parasite breaks free. You slip into a fit of coughing and spittle.  You stumble out of the bar and run into a crowd.
You eventually reach your car and get in. You look around and realize you have lost all sense of direction.  You pull out the phone in your pocket and dial 911.
 You say, "Operator, have I got the malpractice tale of the century for you!"
The operator asks, "What happened?"
"I was just in this bar and I felt this weird liquid coming from my mouth. Then I coughed and couldn't remember where I was. Then I saw myself in the mirror and now I'm a woman! I think it's a plot by the Red Witch to make me a worm! Help! Please!"
 The 911 operator hangs up.  No one will believe you.  You have to find Heidi and tell her what is going on, but when you return home you see that Heidi
 has moved out.
You go to your old apartment and find Heidi's new apartment. You knock on the door and no one answers. You try the door handle and it opens. Inside, you see Heidi sitting on the couch wearing a T-shirt and panties. You are shocked to see she is a woman.
"Hey, you're a woman," you say.
 She looks at you and says the same thing.  You look at her face and realize this was her plan all along to transform YOU from a worm into a woman.  The moral of the story:
 if you know someone is a witch, don't trust them.
You ask, "Where is Heidi?"
Heidi says, "I left you a note. I had to go to work."
"What? Why would you do that? You could have told me you were a woman!"
"Because you wouldn't believe me. And you'd probably try to kill me.