Hanz Freuganlincolndingle, a male model named who is being nominated for model of the year

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Your manager has 100 pictures taken of you for the contest. However, you can't handle the pressure. You take your manager's camera and break it. Your manager gets angry and punches you so badly that you have to start wearing bandages on your face. Your modeling career is doomed.

> You continue with your life You don't want to be in this industry anymore. You get a job as a waiter at a local tavern where you meet an old friend. He tells you he doesn't know what to do now since his family is going through a lot of problems and he needs money to help them out.

You tell your waiter friend that there he can make tons of money as a foot fetish model and start the website stinkywaiterfeet.net.

This site will become a huge success and you'll earn enough money to pay off your family's debt!

You rush back to the kitchen and start trimming your toenails to prepare for the photoshoot for stinkywaiterfeet.net.

Years pass... Your mother dies and your father remarries. Your new step-mother is very strict and tries to control everything around you. She also forces you to shave every day. You hate yourself for doing this but your dad says if you want to live in the future then you need to follow her rules.

You decide to seduce your stepmother.

After all she did raise you to be a good little boy. You convince her that she should let you fuck her one night after school. It would be the best thing ever for both of you. The next morning you see your stepmom walking towards the basement door. You run up to her and grab her ass. You shove your dick into her pussy and cum inside her.

You decide to seduce your stepsister.

Your sister is much more submissive than your mom. When you first met her she was a rebellious teenager with no real skills or education. After years of training and discipline she became a high class hooker. Her name is Mariah and she's married to a rich businessman. She tells you that you're not really her boyfriend because she knows you've been fucking other girls.

You sell the website and become a modeling agent with a loan from your stepsister's rich husband.

Life goes on...

You go to the bathroom mirror and finally remove the bandages that have been on your face for so long. You look at yourself in the mirror and find...

you look like a whore.

You ask your stepsister to get you a job as a high-class male hooker.

She agrees and you tell her to call you "Daddy".

You are sent to a job at a 5 star casino hotel in Atlantic city. Your step sister tells you to "Go to room 1501 and be the best whore you can be.".

You agree and head over to room 1501. The first few days are fun and exciting. You feel sexy when you perform sexual acts on men. But eventually your body starts breaking down. The stress of working as a high class male prostitute causes you to develop AIDS. You spend the last weeks of your life in a coma.