Hank Harpo, producer of a failing tv studio

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You are producing a show starring your wife Deborah Harpo. You are starting to wonder about the quality of the content of the show when you see a midget, a heroin addict, and a man with a swastika on his forehead are the guest for today's show.

"This is a very poor choice," says Harpo. "We have no idea what they will say". You think about it. The two men look like they could be Nazis. But why not? They seem to be in good spirits. And if this is going to be a Nazi-themed program, well, at least they'll be able to take the joke.

You Search your feeling to see what side you support.

> You Support Nazis Hank Harpo: We don't know anything about them, but we're sure that they won't do any harm. Deborah Harpo: I'm afraid so, Hank. I just hope they do their research. Hank Harpo: Well, let me tell you something.

You say "controversy gets eyes watching the show, but at what cost Deborah? Why not talk about nice thinks like history?"

or even better, "we can get rid of all those stupid Jews and make America great again!" Hank Harpo: (Sigh) No, I suppose we should stick to our usual formula of anti-Semitism. Deborah Harpo: Well, maybe they'll find some humor in it! Hank Harpo: Look, it doesn't matter.

You walk out the back door of the studio. You have a cigarette and think about your life.

Hank Harpo: So, how did it turn out? Deborah Harpo: It was fine. Hank Harpo: Oh really? Did you win an award or something? Deborah Harpo: What does winning an award mean? Hank Harpo: Nothing, it means nothing. It's just another honor. A sign that people care about us.

You get a suprise visit from Mecha-hitler, the new owner of the station. He tells you that your ratings are bad, but he is a fan, so you are getting a primetime slot.

You agree. The next day, you watch as the Hitler character and his girlfriend go through the routine of making jokes, then make racist remarks. The audience laughs along. Then the Hitler character goes into a rant about how the Jewish media controls everything. Then he announces that he has found a way to banish the Jews completely from Germany. The audience cheers.

You realize you must go back in time to kill Baby Mecha Hitler.

> You go back in Time to Kill Baby Hitler In the past... You are in your bedroom, looking at yourself in the mirror. Your hair is still long, your legs are still hairy and your face is still round. You remember what happened yesterday. You had been working late and missed a flight home.

You look in the mirror, the time travel has turned you into the baby. You'll have to do this hit job as a baby in the 1880s.

You put on a dress and step outside. As you approach the house, you hear a voice. A woman's voice: "Hello". You run inside and open the front door. There stands Baby Hitler! Baby Hitler: "Hi Mommy". The mother takes her daughter by the hand and walks outside.

You look at the mother and she says to you "You are the father" and smiles.

You look at the daughter and she says to you "I am the mother". You smile back. The pair of you leave the house together and continue walking down the street. Suddenly, you stop. Baby Hitler: "Mommy, where are we going now?" Mother: "To your room". Baby Hitler: "But where is my room?"

You point to an open manhole cover. Baby Hitlers says "Thanks, you are my first friend!" Baby Hitler falls into the sewers and lands on his head.

The end