Guest Test Adventure

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a messy bitch who lives for drama, not you," the woman says.
"Wha…what's going on!?"
"What's going on?
> You crime.
The main door opens, and a teenage girl walks in. Long blond hair, fair skin, about 5'4, and overall about…hmmm…a 7.5.
> You get as far away from this white she-devil as you possibly can.
The girl notices you, and slowly walks towards you.
"What are you doing in here?" she says in a Germanic Prussian accent.
> You say "minding my own business, whore"
"Minding your own business, whore."
She looks at you with disgust and leaves the room. You then notice her shoe lying on the floor next to you. Time to rock.
> You call the police.
You pick up the shoe and hold it over your head, yelling "A shoe! A fucking shoe!" What a crazy place.
You then notice a crowd has started to gather around you.
The police arrive also holding shoes above their heads.
"We have an escaped shoe!" they all yell in excitement.
"Take him into custody!"
The police put you into their car and close the door over you. Your adventure is over.
> You say "can you believe this woman threw a SHOE AT ME"
"Can you believe this woman threw a SHOE AT ME!"
"Shut up criminal scum!" they yell in your face and drive to the nearest police station.
You break out of jail with a shoe. Your life of crime continues.