Grave Robin Hood

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You are Jason, a guy who suspects that his friend, Cory, has a spooky secret. One evening, Cory leaves home without telling you where he's going, so you drive after him. Cory drives to a graveyard. After getting to the graveyard, Cory grabs a shovel and starts digging up graves. After opening up the graves, he starts taking the clothes off of the dead bodies. You have a shocked expression on his face, while saying, "Oh, my, Cory's a grave robber!"
 But then suddenly Cory gets mad at you for calling him a grave robber. He tells you to shut your mouth because there is nothing wrong with what he does! Then Cory says, "I'm not doing this just for fun."

You realize that when Cory digs up a box, it is not a normal normal grave.
 The next thing you know, Cory pulls out a big old bag from one of those boxes. Inside the bag is a bunch of money, jewelry, guns, and other stuff. It seems like Cory really likes killing people, but why?

You don't question where Cory got the items, but you ask Cory if that is all he needs from the graveyard.
 Cory tells you no, he wants more. Cory takes some of the money in the bag and gives it to you as a tip for driving him around. As soon as Cory leaves, you start thinking about how much money he gave you.

You are shocked when you count out the money, you can't believe that Cory just nonchalantly handed you
 $10,000 cash! You think, "This guy must be crazy!" Your thoughts are interrupted by a knock on your door. When you open the door, Cory is standing there with another bag full of money.
 This time, Cory hands you $50,000 cash! You say, "What's with the sudden generosity?"
Cory replies, "It's called karma. I've been stealing from the rich, giving to the poor.

Cory points to his Skeleton version of Robin Hood on his t-shirt.
 "I am Robin Hood!"
You say, "No way, you're just a weirdo."
"Nope," Cory says. "I am Robin Hood!"
Then Cory shows you something else in the bag.
 A large black gun with a long barrel. Cory tells you, "This is my new weapon! Now I can kill people with style and class!"
You tell him, "That is a machine gun, you freak!

You say, "Cory, you can't keep stealing money. We're setting a bad example for my adopted son, Tony."

Cory says, "Tony will never find out about any of this. Besides, this money isn't mine. It belongs to the people who died in these graves. They were buried alive and didn't have enough money to pay their bills.
 So now they are free. All I did was give them back what they had lost. That's why I call myself Robin Hood.
"Besides, I don't want to steal from the rich anymore.
 Now I'll be robbing from the poor."
You tell Cory, "Don't you ever talk about me again! If you do, I will send your skeleton ass straight to hell!"
Cory laughs and says, "Who's going to stop me?

You pull out your secret weapon:
 a crossbow loaded with an arrow made of iron. You fire the crossbow at Cory's chest and hit him right in the heart. Cory falls down dead on the spot.
You say, "See you in hell, Cory."

You begin to the leave the graveyard when a storm begins.  Heavy thunder is about and you run to a crypt for cover.  You then watch a huge lightning bolt strike Cory's corpse, bringing him back to life.
 Cory looks up at you and says, "Hey, Jason, I'm sorry about before. I should have told you everything. I guess I thought you would judge me."
You reply, "You're forgiven."

Cory says, "Let's get out of here before the storm hits."
You grab Cory's hand and the two of you escape the cemetery. Once outside, Cory says, "We better get back home."

You go back home and invite Cory inside.
 Cory sits down at the table and says, "I need to tell you something."
You say, "I already know Cory has a creepy secret. I know he likes to kill people. And I know he is crazy.
 What else is there?"
Cory says, "I killed a man today."
You say, "Cory, that's impossible! How could you kill someone?"
Cory says, "Well, it wasn't easy.
 But I finally got him to admit that he was a bad person. He admitted that he stole from people. So I took away his money. Then I made him confess that he was a thief.

You think for a second and wonder if Cory is talking about killing himself earlier or if he remembers that you killed him.
 You say, "So you took his money and you made him admit that he was a bad guy?"
Cory says, "Yes.
Then Cory says, "He begged me to kill him.

You ask Cory, "What was this man's name?"

Cory says, "His name was Ted.
Ted was a rich man. He owned a big house. His wife was beautiful. She looked like a model. Her name was Emily.

You say, "Cory, why are you telling me all this?"
Cory says, "Because I wanted you to understand what happened. I hope it doesn't bother you."
You say, "It's fine.

You suspect Cory is lying and killed Ted to be with Emily.

Cory says, "Emily is not as pretty as she looks. In fact, she is very ugly. She has a face full of acne. And her hair is terrible.
You say, "Cory, I am happy for you.

You tell Cory to take you to Emily.

Cory says, "Emily lives in a horrible neighborhood.
There are drug addicts everywhere. The houses are falling apart.
The streets are dirty. There are rats everywhere.
But we are together now.

You are disappointed that Cory has killed for love, but on the flip side - Cory has a girlfriend!

You say, "Cory, you have a great girlfriend."
Cory says, "I wish I could marry Emily. But she wants to be with Ted. She doesn't want to be married to me."

You know you have to kill Cory again before he ruins another innocent life.

You say, "Cory, you can't live with me. You have to die."
Cory says, "I don't want to die. I just want to be with Emily."

You go to the basement and get a power drill and come back to drill Cory's face to the wall.

Cory screams in pain and begs for mercy.
You say, "I'm sorry Cory. I don't want to hurt you."
Cory says, "Please stop. You're making me bleed."

You continue until Cory is dead.  You give a Emily a call and tell her, "You are free!"

You walk into the kitchen and find Cory's phone.
You pick it up and see a text message from Cory.
Cory says, "I'm sorry I lied to you.
I didn't mean to hurt anyone."

Next time on "Grave Robin Hood":

Cory and Emily are happily living together. Cory is still looking for more ways to make money.  You decide to sell some of your personal items online.
You start to list them on Craigslist.