Gordon Stubs, a guy who likes driving without a seatbelt

Posted under Episode 141, Story On By Chief

One day, you're driving your truck across a bridge when you crash into a car. Since you're not wearing your seatbelt, you fall out the window and land in the ocean below. A bunch of car owners are mad at your truck blocking the road, so they start smashing it.

> You get back on the road You stand up from the wreckage of your truck and look around. The other cars have stopped bashing each other with their cars and are staring at you. They don't seem to understand why you aren't moving or what happened to your body. You try to explain that you fell out of your truck onto the highway, but nobody seems to believe you.

You realize you left your wallet in the ocean, so you dive back in the water to get it. You descend deep into the ocean.

A few hours later, you come up for air and see a man dressed in black approaching you. He stares at your body lying face down in the water and then walks over to you. You can tell he's an old man because his skin is wrinkled and dry. "Are you okay?" he asks.

The man asks you how you were able to stay underwater for so long.

> You say "I'm fine!" "It's alright," you reply. "My wallet is still here". He looks at the wallet and starts pulling things out of it. He finds your driver's license and takes it. Then he says, "So, where did you go? I've never seen you before".

You say "Uhhhhh. Can i have my license back? Who the fuck are you?". Then you motion like your going to punch him but you don't and he flinches.

> You continue He continues to stare at you while holding the license in his hand. "Who are you?", you ask again. He doesn't answer you. You point at his face and say, "What the hell do you think you're doing?! You know damn well who I am! I'm telling you right now, if you touch me, I'll kill you!"

The old man tells you, "Follow me." Then he walks into the ocean and disappears.

"Wait, wait, wait!", you shout as you walk along the beach toward the bridge. Suddenly, the old man appears behind you and punches you in the face. Your head hits the ground hard. You feel pain throughout your entire body. Your vision goes dark and you begin to lose consciousness.

You wake up in an undersea lair. You are tied up with chains. Your body is suspended in the air. You regain conciousness and see a dolphin wearing glasses standing in front of you.

"Welcome to the SeaLab", the dolphin says. It turns its attention to you. "Do you want to be freed?"

You look to your left and see Billy Townsend, ocean cop who patrols the whole Atlantic ocean on his own, also tied up. You tell the dolphin, "Yes? I would like to be free.".

Billy replies, "Well, we need more people like you. We need you to help us catch criminals. If you join us, we will let you leave this place whenever you wish". You nod and agree.

Billy uses the waterproof lighter hidden in his pants to melt your chains and free you, although your arms are badly burned. You grab a tuna net and trap the dolphin in it. The dolphin's glasses fall off, and you try them on.

You put them on and smile, knowing you've made the right decision.

You escape the lab and take a speed boat back to the scene of the car accident, where your car has been towed. You decide to take the speedboat as far north as it'll go before it runs out of gas. You arrive at...