Goo Be Gone By The Red Witch – You are time traveler Henry Owo.

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You are time traveler Henry Owo. Your latest Voyage sees you stuck in a bathroom. You can not see a way out. There are no windows and you don't have a key.
 You are trapped. Only one thing left to do, is to try and escape.
The first step is to find something to eat. You need to be able to concentrate on this task. You look around the room for anything that might help you. You notice the sink has a mirror above it, so you can see yourself. It's a good idea to check your hair as well.
 You look into the mirror and reveal your troubled past to yourself.
After a few minutes of looking at yourself, you begin to realize that you're hungry. This is probably why you're here. You walk over to the fridge and open it up. The contents are mostly food items, but there is also some water.
You grab several cans of soup, some crackers, and some cheese and put them all in the fridge.
 You lean over for a kiss with your mini fridge in the bathroom.
 It only takes a moment before she returns the favor. As her tongue dances across yours, you see a flash of red light from outside. You jump away from the refrigerator in fear.
You look down at your reflection in the sink. You see blood running down your face from your nose. You quickly wipe it up with a towel.
 You realize someone is messing with you and that your being trapped in the bathroom is no accident.  You look outside the window and  see your arch nemesis:
 the Red Witch!
She looks like she's about to say something, but instead just laughs at you. She then disappears from sight. You can hear her laughing behind you.
You look back into the mirror again. You see that you've been hit by a blow from your own fist. You look down at yourself and notice that you have a cut on your lip.
 You look back at the mirror and realize the Red Witch has summoned a mirror universe doppelganger to attack you!  You fight back and grab the plunger to break the mirror.
 It doesn't work though.
The Red Witch appears next to the mirror and says "Oh, you think breaking this mirror will stop me? Well, I can turn you into a puddle of goo!" Then she casts a spell and turns you into a liquid.
You try to fight her off, but she's quicker than you are.
 You laugh as now that you are a puddle of goo you can easily escape through the toilet.
 You run towards the toilet and throw yourself onto it. You can feel yourself start to leak out of it. As soon as you get comfortable, you hear a loud thud and then the door opens.
"What are you doing?" the woman asks.
"I'm trying to escape," you reply.
"But you're in a bathroom, there's no way out."
 You notice the door is open and chuddle your way towards it.
You hear the woman enter the bathroom and close the door behind her. You look around the room for any other exits and see none. You then hear footsteps coming closer towards you. You look back at the mirror, which is now a puddle of goo. You see the Red Witch appear directly in front of you.
She smiles and says "Now we're even.
 You have a flashback and remember what horrible thing you did to the Red Witch to make her do this:
 you killed her parents! That's why she is here in the first place. So now you must pay for your crimes."
You look up at the mirror and see it is now covered in a blood red substance. You look at your hand and see that it's covered in blood. You feel your hand start to turn black and then you pass out.
 You wake up, still in the bathroom, and see the Red Witch has set up a gauntlet of punishments for you.  First is
 a punishment of having to clean the bathroom.
You look around the bathroom and see there isn't much to do. You grab the broom and begin to sweep the floor. You can't help but notice that the blood on the floor was not from you. You look down at your hands and realize that they are now covered in blood.
 You look in the tub and source of the blood:
 you are covered in it!
You look at the floor and see that the blood is dripping down your legs. You look up at the mirror and see yourself sitting on the toilet. You look down at your crotch and see that your penis has turned into a small pool of blood. You look at the floor again and notice that the blood is now dripping down your butt.
 You scrub and you scrub but you can never be clean.  The Red Witch has won.  The moral of the story:
 don't mess with the Red Witch.
You look at the mirror one last time, and realize that there is nothing left to do. You close the door and walk over to the sink to wash your face. You look into the mirror and see that you are now covered in a thick layer of blood. You look at yourself and realize that you are now a corpse.