Giacomo Santos, a toy designer who has decided to start making bootleg toys

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You make a toy called Super Bat, a bootleg of Superman and Batman, that wears blue spandex and cowl, along with a red cape. You also create a toy called Bald Clown, a bootleg of Lex Luthor and Joker, who looks like a hairless clown in a business suit. You're hoping the Super Bat and Bald Clown toys will make you more money.

> You sell your goods You have no idea what you're doing, but it's not as if you can go back to selling drugs or stealing cars. The only thing you know how to do is make toys. If you can't make enough money by selling toys, at least you'll be able to live!

You decide if the bootleg toys don't sell, you will have to go back to making adult toys.

The next day, you wake up early to get ready for work. A few people ask you where you got the stuff from, but they aren't too interested. After all, you've been working hard on this project for years now. You're just glad nobody stole any of the materials. After getting dressed, you head out to the factory.

You head out to your factory that is a closet sized storage unit that you rent monthly. It is very small and very hot.

You open the door and walk inside. The room smells like mold and mildew. You see a large machine which makes the parts for the toys. On one side of the room is another table filled with boxes of various sizes. There are several different types of plastic and metal.

You make a batch of toys and head to the state fair to sell the bootleg toys out of the trunk of your car.

It isn't long before you run out of money. You try to find jobs, but there are none available. Eventually, you give up and return home. When you arrive home, you realize you forgot something important inside the bootleg toys. You look through them and notice an old newspaper clipping about a man named "Superman" who was arrested for child molestation.

You paint ove the "S" on your bootleg superman toys to make 8uperman toys. You attempt to sell these at the high school parking lot.

Unfortunately, no one wants them and you quickly lose interest. Years pass...

You continue.

Years later... Your name is Giacomo Santos and you are a toy designer. Your company has become successful, but you still feel guilty for selling bootlegs of famous superheroes. One night, while driving down the street, you come across a young girl sitting in her car crying. She tells you she knows you.

You ask the girl "Why are you crying?".

She says she was once a superhero named "Batgirl". She then reveals she had two boyfriends: Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. She asks you if you want to help her defeat Superman. You agree to help her.

You build a giant doll to look like a child with no pants on and fill it with dynamite. You place in a park alone and night and wait in a bush til Superman arrives. You detonate the child bomb and blow up Superman.

You never tell anyone about your deed and you move on with your life.

You attend Superman's funeral. You stand way in the back and giggle to yourself.

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