Ghost Marriage Story

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You are Tommy, a guy who got hired to be a lifeguard because you lied about knowing how to swim.
 You're not supposed to know anything about swimming but your new boss wants it that way so she can keep her job and pay off the loan sharks that were chasing her when they found out what happened to her husband.

You ask your boss, "What happened to your husband?"
 She gives you one of those looks like maybe if you knew everything then you'd understand why things have been happening to her lately and why she's in such desperate need for cash. It doesn't take much more than that before you get an idea and decide to help her out by getting some information from her
 ex-husband's computer files on his work at the plant where he worked as a machinist.
It was only natural that you would want to know about the safety procedures there because you were hired specifically to watch over all of them.

You notice that one of the safety procedures has been deleted from her ex-husband's computer and it is the safety rule that he didn't know about that killed him.  You suspect your boss has murdered her ex-husband, but you need proof.
 That means you must find something else incriminating on his computer.
Your boss tells you that you will have access to his computer so you can do whatever you need to do to make sure she gets away with murder.

You are shocked at the cockiness of your boss blatantly telling you she murdered her ex and that you can search for evidence.  Now you are really determined to find a smoking gun to catch her.

After all, this woman may be dangerous, but she also needs money desperately and now you are going to help her get it.
Chapter 2: The Girl Who Loved To Be Masturbated
You wake up naked in bed next to your hot boss.

You open the nightstand as your boss takes a shower and find a literal smoking gun.

The phone number written on the business card of the girl who used to be your boss is still listed under her name.
Now you are completely convinced that your boss killed her ex-husband and is planning on killing you too.

You step outside and immediately call the police.  Officer Cory, a Rookie Detective for the AIPD who has decided to investigate the Murder, shows up.

He asks you questions while he drives around looking for your boss' car. He finally finds it parked in front of your house which leads him to believe she left town.
Officer Cory leaves and you sit down on your couch and watch some television until he calls back saying that he has arrested your
 boss and taken her into custody.
"I'm sorry," Officer Cory says, "but I had no choice. She tried to kill you."
Chapter 3: The Girl Who Wanted To Be Murdered
You go to the jail where your boss is being held.

You pick up the two way phone and wait for your boss to say something.  You expected her to be furious, but the look she is giving you is one of admiration.

She tells you, "Tommy, you are my ticket out of here. If you hadn't come along when you did, I would have ended up dead. My plan was to let you think you had killed me and then slip away in the confusion.

Your boss lays out an elaborate and very detailed plan to break out of prison and move to Saskatoon to open a nail salon.

"There's just one problem," your boss says, "you have to stay alive long enough for me to finish my plan."
She tells you that she will tell the cops that you killed her husband, but only after you kill her first.

You say to your boss, "I'm gonna get you outta of this place, but promise me you won't try to kill me again!"

"Ok," your boss agrees, "but you better not fuck this up or you'll end up just like your husband."
Chapter 4: The Girl Who Wanted To Die
You drive to the plant where your boss worked as a machinist.

You've got the escape all planned out and prepared.  You just need to pick up the contents of your bosses safe and meet her at the jail.  You open the safe and notice an ornate jewelry box inside.  Your boss told you NOT to look at the contents, but curiosity gets the better you and you open it to see:

A gold necklace with a large diamond pendant.
Two rings.
One engagement ring.
And a wedding band.
You stare at the jewelry box for several minutes before deciding to put it back where you found it and continue your mission.

You put the box in your bag and head to the jail late at night.  You wait in your car and then you hear the alarms sound.  Your boss has done it and escaped!  She gets in the front seat and tells you to floor it!  You drive all the way to Saskatoon in 1 long car ride.

You arrive at the nail salon and your boss says, "Follow me."
She walks into the back room and you follow her.
"Get undressed," your boss says, "and put these clothes on."

You notice the odd clothes:

White stockings
Black garter belt
Red panties
A white bra
You strip naked and put the strange clothes on.
Your boss says, "Now we're ready to go."

You go to a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Chapter 5: The Girl Who Was Ready To Kill
You arrive at the theater early and are walking down the street to the movie when you see your boss walking towards you.
You stop and say, "Hey!"

You notice your boss has a gun.  This can't be happening, she promised she wouldn't kill you!

"What do you want?" you ask.
"To apologize," your boss says, "for what happened last week.
You say, "I don't understand."
"We both know I killed my ex-husband," your boss says, "so we can be together."

You look scared, but then you realize that is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you.  You and your boss get married at a small chapel.

After the ceremony, you take your new wife home to celebrate.
Chapter 6: The Girl Who Wanted To Go Home
You arrive at your house and walk in the door.
You find your mom and dad sitting on the couch watching TV.

You are stunned to see that your mom and dad have found you in your new life in Saskatoon.  You are then surrounded by FBI agents.  How did they find you!?

The agent who took you into custody says, "We've been following you since the day you were born.
He explains, "I knew you would eventually fall in love with someone and I knew that person would be a killer."

The FBI agent explains that in return for helping catch your wife, you will get a severely reduced sentence.  But if you refuse to cooperate, you will get life in jail.  You think about this for a while.

You decide to help the FBI catch your wife, but you want to make sure she doesn't get away with killing anyone else.  You agree to wear a wire and record everything you see and hear.

You meet your wife at a waffle house on the outskirts of town.  She immediately suspects you of wearing a wire.

She tells you, "I'm going to rip your fucking balls off and shove them down your throat."
You smile at her, but you don't say anything.
She tells you, "I'm going to rip your fucking balls off and shove them down your throat."

You say the signal phrase for the FBI to let them know you are in immediate danger:
 "Hang up and call 911 now!"
She hangs up the phone and calls 911.
Chapter 7: The Girl Who Wanted Her Ex-Boss To Be Happy
You arrive at the factory and your boss says, "We're moving to China tomorrow."

You are wondering what happened to the team of FBI agents that were using you.  Your wife explains that she killed them and your parents and then she throws a Chinese dictionary at you and tells you to get to studying.

You study for three months and pass your exam.
You and your boss move to China and you start working as a machinist.
After six months, you receive a letter from your mom and dad saying that they are leaving the country because your wife was getting too close to their business.

You know that your wife has become far too dangerous to stay with and you come up with a genius plot to get rid of her:

You write a note to your boss and tell her that you need to leave the country for a few days.
You sneak out of the factory one night and drive to a remote location.
You park your truck and walk into the woods until you reach an old abandoned mine shaft.

You climb inside and sit down.
You stare at the wall of the mine shaft for hours waiting for your wife to show up.
You wait a long time and then you hear a voice.

It is your wife's voice.
She says, "Hello, lover boy.
You reply, "I didn't expect you to come here."
She says, "Well, I wanted to surprise you."

You then push down on the plunger in front of you and detonate the explosives.  You and your wife are trapped in the mine shaft forever!

Chapter 8: The Girl Who Wanted To See A Real Ghost
You arrive at the theater and your boss says, "We're ready to begin."
You say, "Okay!"
Your boss then takes you into the projection room.

You and your wife as ghosts haunt the theater as Rocky Horror Picture Show plays.

After the movie, your boss gives you a box.
You open it and find a pair of panties and a bra.
You say, "You're giving me these?"
Your boss smiles and says, "I thought you'd like them."

Next time on "Ghost Marriage Story":

After you die, your ghost wife goes back to the theater and becomes a real ghost.
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