Gershwin Genga, an explorer who is determined to find something that’s never been found before

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After two years of exploring, you come across a mountain that resembles Mount Rushmore. However, instead of having sculptures of four presidents, it has sculptures of Jason, Tony, Jim and a mascot-dog wearing shades. You want to find out who Jason, Tony and Jim are.

> You go back to the ship You return to the ship as the sun begins to set, where you sit in silence. A few minutes later, you hear the sounds of footsteps approaching the cabin. The door opens up, and a man with a beard approaches the table. He looks around, before looking at you. "Hello," he says.

The man says he is the Rocky Chud, the sculptor of Mount Streammore. He says he can tell you all about Jason, Tony and Jim.

> You continue... "What do you know about Jason?" "I know nothing". "How do you know? Are you lying?" "No, I'm telling you the truth". "Then how do you know what happened to them?" "Because they're my friends". "Friends?" "Yes".

You say "Tell me everything you know about Jim."

"He was a good hunter. He loved his family very much. He was always there for them when they needed him. He had a strong sense of justice. He was a great warrior. He fought on both sides of the Civil War. He was a hero". "Tell me more..". "His wife died giving birth to their first child".

You say "Ok, but what about Tony?"

"Tony was a good soldier, but he didn't like being tied down. He wanted to travel the world. When he saw Mount Rushmore, he knew he had to have it. So, he went to get it from the Lost City of Z". "Did he ever tell you anything else?" "Not really. He just kept quiet most of the time".

Rocky Chud pushes on the stone of Tony's eyeball and it reveals a secret passage. He says "This secret tunnel leads to the Lost City of Z - there you will find the 3 men and the coolest dog of all time!"

Rocky Chud goes on to explain the 3 men: Jason, Tony and Jim were brothers. They lived together and hunted together. One day, Jason killed Tony. Then, after a while, Jim killed Jason. The three men decided to hide the body in the Lost City of Z to keep it safe. Then, one day the hunters came back to camp.

You say "tell me everything you know about Jason"

> You go to the Ship Again You enter the ship again, where you see a man who looks exactly like you. He smiles at you, then walks away. You look around and see a few other people here. Some of them are children. You see a little girl sitting alone. She's crying. Suddenly, she notices you.

You The girl asks you, "Are you looking for the dog, mister?".

"Yeah", you reply. "Where did you get that name?"

You Ask the girl to lead you to Mister the dog.

She answers "Mister is my friend. We play together all the time. It means 'big brother' in German". You walk along side the little girl. Soon, you reach Mister the dog. He sits happily by the fire. You ask Mister the dog if he knows anything about the men you've met. He says he doesn't.

You say "whoa you can talk!"

> You say "My name is John, and I'm here to help you find your friends, Jason, Tony and Jim". The little girl turns her head, and sees you. She runs over to hug you. You smile and kiss her. She tells you that she likes you. You say "That's right, my name is John. Where's Tony and Jim?"

You say "Tony is dead. Jim killed him. Jim might still be alive. I want to know more about the dog with the sunglasses on the side of the mountain.".

The little girl starts to cry again. The little girl says "They're not real dogs. They're just statues. They're called the Lost City of Z. If you take off those glasses, you'll see them too". You say "OK, but why don't we try this place first?"

You get a soup and salad from Applebee's, and then head for the Lost City of Z.

> You return to the Ship ... You return to the ship, where you sit in silence. A few minutes later, you hear the sounds of footsteps approaching the cabin. The door opens up, and a man with a beard approaches the table. He looks around, before looking at you.

You the man says "I'm jim. What are you doing on my ship?".

> You say "I'm looking for my friends Jason, Tony and Jim, and I'd like to speak to them face-to-face". "Oh... OK..". You say "OK, let's meet at the Lost City of Z. I need to know more about the dog with the glasses on the side of the mountain".

You travel to the Lost City of Z. You see the man with the beard there.

He has long hair, and wears a black suit. He nods towards you as he speaks.

You continue.

"So, do you know anything about the dog? Are you sure you want to talk to him?"

You say "Yes please more than anything, ever since I saw that cool dog on the side of the mountain I wanted to see him!!!"

You say "Well, I guess I should introduce myself. My name is John, and I'm here to help you find your friends Jason, Tony and Jim. They're looking for a lost city, which they call the Lost City of Z. There are three men who live there. One of them is named Jason, another one is named Tony and the third one is called Jim".

You say "Take me to the dog right now."

The bearded man looks at you, and then nods. You say "I was wondering when you would come back. Well, I think you can come with me, because I have a lot to show you". You say "What do you mean?" You say "Look, I don't know what to expect".

You say "stop talking shit right now. Stop pussy footing it. TAKE ME TO THE DOG WITH SUNGLASSES!!!"

The bearded man takes you to a room full of books. He shows you a picture book. He reads out loud the title "Lost City of Z". He continues reading "It was once a beautiful city. But, it had a terrible secret. A horrible secret. And only one man knew it's secrets".


The bearded man begins to laugh nervously.

You take the bearded man outside and tie him up. You then begin cutting off his fingers one by one until Mister, the talking fucking dog with sunglasses appears.

You pull out his eyes and put them on the wall. Then, you throw him into the ocean. You turn to the other two men and point to Mister. They stare at him blankly. You say "Now tell me everything you know about the Lost City of Z".

You a secret door opens up along the wall. A cloud of mist rolls into the room. A German Shepard wearing sun glasses slowly walks into the room. He is so cool.

He sits down next to you. He puts his shades on and stares intently at you. He seems very interested in you. He leans forward and whispers "Hello..". You nod and smile. He sits up and rubs his eyes. He goes over to the wall and points to the wall. "There's a secret door, go through it".

You enter the secret door. It is a white room filled with pillows and mattresses. You see a shoddily put together banner that says "The Lost City of Zzzzzzzz". It appears to be an abandoned mattress store.

You look at the room and realize this must be where Mister lives. You walk towards Mister. He stands up and smiles at you. He runs over to hug you and kisses you on the cheek. He hugs you tightly and kisses you on the lips. He tells you "I've always wanted to meet someone like you. I want to stay with you forever".

You say "Tell me the secret of the lost city of Z, and I will adopt you as my pet."

You say "I love you Mister". Mister turns his head and stares at you. He waves goodbye and disappears inside the secret door. You open the door again, and you are alone.

You burn the mattress store to the ground.

You go back to the ship and never speak about this again.


You find out that Jim is still alive and you must find him.

The only clues you have to track him down are his old pictures and some old letters from him. You spend months trying to figure out how to get to him. Finally, you manage to track him down. He is living in New York. You ask him if he remembers you. He doesn't remember you.

You Tell Jim how you tracked him down.

He asks you if you were going to give him the money. You explain that you won't and you just need his help in getting rid of all the evidence of your crime. He agrees and tells you to contact him whenever you feel like it.

You say "Can I have a lock of your hair, Jim?"

> No Jim grins and shakes his head. He says "No, no, no, no, no. You keep the locks. Just make sure you leave a note saying 'Please don't kill me, please' taped to the lock. That'll let me know you aren't planning to kill yourself or something. Thank you" You thank him and kiss him goodbye.

You hear Jim call the police and notify them that you were paying Jim to cover up a crime you committed.

You run away from home and live on the streets for years. Eventually, you learn that you are not alone anymore. Your mother has died and you have moved in with another family. One day they invite you to join them. You agree. One night, you wake up to the sound of voices. You jump out of bed and hide under a table.

Jim walks into the room. He is a big shot now. Jim is flipping a coin, and his face is on both sides of it. "Bring the traitor to me," he tells the police officers with him.

They approach you. You say "What do you mean? What does that mean?" They start laughing. You say "Oh come on, what did you think it meant?" They say "Nothing, we're playing a game!" They flip the coin three times. The first time, they bring you to justice.

You continue.

"But the second time, they brought you to trial. And the third time, they killed you". Your parents are dead and you are the only person who knows why. You are the last survivor of a group of explorers that went missing twenty five years ago. A year passes... You are sitting in a jail cell. Two guards stand behind you.

You realize you are in the lost City of Z. The secret of the city is that it the location of the afterlife. You are stuck here now, forevermore.

A voice comes from above you. "Hey! Who wants to play a game?" You turn around and see a man dressed in black robes. He looks like a wizard. He holds a staff in one hand and a wand in the other. His face is covered by a hooded robe. He says "Who would like to die?"

You say "Jason, is that you?"

He nods and puts his hands to his head. He starts chanting in a language you can't understand. Then, he begins to move his hands faster and faster until he makes a fist. Suddenly, the air blows out of your lungs. You fall backwards onto the floor. You scream and struggle to breathe.

Jason removes his bath robe

and throws it aside. He grabs you by the throat and slams you against the wall. He punches you repeatedly in the face. His eyes stare straight through you. He pulls out a knife and slits your throat. He leaves you there to bleed to death.