Gerald Filmorious, an inventor who has created the world’s first flying shirt

Posted under Episode 134, Story On By Chief

You are hoping that the flying shirt will give you the ability to fly in the sky. You put the shirt on and press the fly button. The shirt flies off your body, goes out the window and crashes into a billboard. The shirt continues flying away. The billboard falls onto your car and breaks it.

Your car is totaled and now both of you are stranded on the side of the road.

Your head investor, Maximillian Billions, is furious at you. He orders you to retrieve the flying shirt, by any means necessary.

> You get the Shirt Back! You run back to the billboard and grab the flying shirt. You then throw it at the billboard, which hits it full force and destroys it completely. It doesn't matter how hard you try though; you can't even make the shirt come back down from the sky.

Maximillian Billions looks shocked, but his shock turns to joy. He tells you, "You've invented quite the super weapon, we can sell this technology to the army!"

As you're walking through the streets of New York City, you suddenly hear a loud noise. It sounds like a bomb went off somewhere nearby. You look around and see a large mushroom cloud rising over the city. Then, a few moments later, another one appears. This time, you see the explosion in the distance and it seems to be heading towards the Empire State Building.

You continue.

Suddenly, a giant metal arm comes out of the clouds and grabs you by the neck. You scream as it begins crushing your skull.

Inside a giant mech suit of armor, you see Maximillian Billions. "Opps, sorry I don't know my own strength in this thing. I wanted to thank you, getting into the weapons business was the best thing that ever happened to my bank account! Let me fix your skull there little buddy!" Max places you in his portable floating hospital in the sky.

The next day, you wake up in a room with no windows. You feel very tired and weak. You slowly open your eyes and see a man with a mechanical eye looking at you. He says, "Good morning, what do you think?" "I'm not sure". He smiles and asks, "What did you want to ask me?"

You ask with a wry smile "Can I have... my shirt?".

He laughs and replies, "Well, I suppose if you really need it so bad".

You put on the Flying Shirt 2.0. This time it stays on your body. Mechanical eye man laughs with delight. Then he tells you...

"So, you're finally here. We'll call you 'Mr. Fly' for now".

You test out the shirts flying capability by trying to catch a pigeon that just pooped on your shirt.

Mr. Fly catches the bird easily, but when you attempt to take it home, the pigeon pecks at your face causing you to fall out of the air and land on the ground. After some more tests, you decide to name yourself after the flying shirt. "Fly", is the new nickname.

You attach a smoke signal to your shoes and fly into the sky for a bit a sky writing. You fly up and write "FLY" into the sky for everyone to read.

After that you go back to earth and walk around with your new friends. A girl named Mary asks, "How does it feel being Fly?" "It feels great!" You reply. "Why don't you guys go outside? There's a nice view". When you all exit the building, you find that the place is a lot different than you thought.

You ask Mary if she wants to go for a ride. She doesn't answer. You turn and see she has been mugged and is unconscious. You realize that crime in the city is out of control and you need to clean things up. You take to the skies...

> You go Outside You go outside and see a huge mess of trash everywhere. You wonder why they didn't clean up before the storm hit. Suddenly, a group of people appear from nowhere. They have metal helmets and guns. One of them yells, "Watch out!", and shoots a guy in the chest. Another shoots a woman in the face.

You see the men are wearing Maximilian Billions branded uniforms. You fly to Maximilian's flying fortress and throw your shirt at him to cause a massive explosion.

The blast knocks you out cold. You awaken in a padded cell. You're strapped down and strapped to a gurney. Your eyes are covered with goggles and your mouth is taped shut. A doctor walks into the room and puts a needle in your arm. "This should help you breathe better," he says.