George Hooney is excited to spend the day with his girlfriend

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It's you girlfriends birthday and you're planning on coming to her house and surprising her. When you get to the house, you hear the sound of smooching coming from inside the house. You open the door and see your girlfriend kissing a woman. You ask her what she's doing. Your girlfriend says, "I was just practicing the kiss I was going to give you, later." You say, "Oh, cool."

You walk into the kitchen and find your girlfriend sitting at the table holding hands with another man. She notices you staring at them and smiles. She tells you, "They were my boyfriends last names so they had to be here first". You say, "What? They weren't supposed to be here yet!" She replies, "Well, we got lucky".

You put your hand on the man's thigh and wink.

He immediately blushes. The two women go back to their relationship. You feel like you've been punched in the stomach.

You ask the other girl if you can practice the kiss you're going to give your girlfriend later on her.

She agrees, but only after you promise not to tell anyone that you did it.

You begin the smooching and kissing and touching and hugging.

Eventually you both finish up and leave the room. You look around the room and think about how weird this whole thing is. How strange that you got a little too close to some guy's girlfriend for no reason.

You confess to the guy you practiced intimacy with his girlfriend.

He asks you if you want to come back to his place later tonight. You agree since he seemed nice enough.

You see his sweet six pack abs and blush.

He goes on ahead to his car.

You stop at a liquor store and buy the cheapest bottle of wine they have. You drink it down and continue on to the guy's place.

He opens the door and greets you warmly. He then kisses you goodbye as he heads off to bed. When you wake up the next morning, you realize you haven't really slept much. You head downstairs where your girlfriend (who has returned) is already waiting for you. You apologize profusely for being a dick and start apologizing again when she interrupts you.

You say "Let me make it up to you with sex."

> You fuck her right now! "Fuck me right now!" You yell. Your girlfriend looks over at you and smiles. She gets behind you and begins grinding against you. Her body is wet and ready. You grab her ass cheeks and begin pounding into her hard. The feeling is amazing. You don't care who knows about it.

You say "What do you want to do for your birthday?"

Your girlfriend says "We could go out to eat or something". You say "Sounds good". You and your girlfriend drive to a restaurant you know very well. When you arrive, you notice there isn't many people there. You notice a couple couples kissing on the dance floor. You wonder why nobody else is here...

You request the DJ to play your favorite song, "I saw the sign" by Ace of Base. Then you walk onto the dance floor and swap partners with a couple dancing. Your dance partner is a 75 year old woman. You begin to kiss her.

You tell her to take off her wedding ring. She does so reluctantly, but takes it off anyway. You then proceed to kiss her passionately until one of you falls backwards onto a bar stool. You pull her panties back up and kiss her again. You tell her to keep taking them off. She complies and starts taking them off in slow motion.

You grab the woman by the hand and take her behind the bar. There, you proceed to do dirty business with her.

You suck on her nipples while you finger her pussy. You then shove your cock deep inside her. You pound away at her until you cum all over her face. The woman walks off still wearing your wife's ring. You thank her and say "Thank you".

You walk over to your girlfriend's table, sit down, and wink at her.

She smiles and nods. You continue to enjoy yourself.

You get into a shouting match with the DJ over whether Ace of Base is a Nazi music group or not. "Google it!" you scream at the DJ. "GOOGLE IT!".

After a few minutes of screaming at the DJ, you finally calm down and enjoy yourself. Afterwards, you and your girlfriend leave the club together. You smile at each other and say "Happy Birthday". Your girlfriend says "Thanks for the surprise party yesterday". You reply, "Yeah, it was fun". You walk home with your girlfriend.

As you walk to the car, you hear "All that she wants" blaring from the restaurant.

You turn around and see your girlfriend walking towards you. She smiles and hugs you tightly. You hold her tight and kiss her. The end.