Gareth Mack, professional photographer

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You are in the wilderness, trying to snap the first picture of the elusive rustic woodfinch, when you spot Pam Yoji, your greatest rival. She is following you to get the photo herself.

> You try to stop her You turn around and run as fast as you can towards the trees, but she catches up with you before you reach them. The two of you tumble down a hill and into a small ravine. "I'm sorry," she says. "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings".

You cry and say "you've been stealing my shots for years".

She looks at you and smiles. "It's not that bad". She runs off again.

You chase Pam Yoji.

After several hours of chasing her, you finally catch up with her. She has already left.

You track Pam into the Rust Mountains, for which the elusive rustic woodfinch is named.

It is an extremely steep climb up a mountain pass. You have no idea how you will ever make it back home.

You see Pam run into a cabin, you bust in and she has a fire going. Pam offers you to stay the night, a blizzard is about to come.

You decline, because you don't want to be cold.

You change your mind and take up Pam's offer, but only on the condition you sleep naked together to maximize body heat.

> You continue... The next day, you both wake up early to go on another hike. This time, you both decide to wear clothes so you won't freeze to death. It works, but you still feel like you're walking through ice floes. Eventually, you reach a clearing. There is a lake here, surrounded by mountains. A huge pine tree stands nearby.

You see a rare snow owl perched on the branch of the pine tree. Pam pushes you over onto the snow, then takes out her camera and take photos of the snow owl.

> You continue... You stand there admiring the snowy scene. Then, you hear Pam scream from inside her cabin. You rush outside and find her covered in blood. Her head is cut open and she has been stabbed repeatedly. She doesn't look very much alive anymore. "What happened?" you ask.

You continue.

> You continue... You go back inside and help her up. "Get some towels", you tell her. She gets dressed and heads back inside, where you sit beside her.

You ask her who did this to her. "The lovely rustic woodfinch!" she cries. "Apparently he's in a relationship with the Snow Owl, who really values his privacy!".

"Oh..". You start to say, then you realize what she just said. You had a crush on her too! And now, she was dead! "How could you kill me? I thought we were friends". "No, I didn't do it on purpose. He's just jealous. We're all jealous sometimes".

You check to see if you are a necrophiliac.

"Well, maybe you should just leave him alone". "Why? What do you mean?" "Because I love you. I know you think I am a monster, but I wouldn't harm you". "But why? Why would you do something like this?" "Because I love you. I always have, since the moment I laid eyes on you".

The woodfinch speaks to you from the windowsill. "I saw everything, and I'll testify," he tells you.

"When I met you, I knew I wanted you". "And you never told me that before?" "Of course not, but I felt it then. When you kissed me, it was like a new lease on life. I felt happy. That's why I came back here today". "So, you lied to me?". "Yes".

You realize this is bird you gave mouth-to-mouth rescusitation to when he flew into a window, and the finch thought you were into him. Awkward.

"Well, I guess I better go". You walk away. You walk away. You walk away. You walk away. You walk away. You walk away. You walk away. You walk away. You walk away. You walk away. You walk away.

You walk back.

You walk back. You walk back. You walk back. You walk back. You walk back. You walk back. You walk away.

You see the police arrive at the cabin and run off into the woods. They see the dead body and hundreds of birds in the trees. You are now lost in the woods and freezing to death.

The sun rises. You can barely move. Your hands are white as frost. You try to call for help, but they aren't coming. You die.