From Bethleham to Vegas – You are Jason, a YouTuber.

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You are Jason, a YouTuber. You and your friends decide to go on a road trip to Las Vegas. After driving for 5 hours, you realize you forgot your cellphone, so you start driving home.
 Suddenly, it begins to rain heavily. The last place you remember stopping was in the small town of Bethlehem (population 1).
When you arrive at your house, there's a black sedan parked outside.

> You open the door and see Beth Le Ham sitting in a rocking chair faced away from you.

"Beth?" you say nervously. "What are you doing here? I thought you were in prison!"
She turns around and looks at you with her large eyes.
"I'm not in prison," she says.

> You begin to sweat and look for something to defend yourself with.

You're unarmed.
After an awkward moment of silence, Beth continues: "Michael called me up today and told me that he could get out early if I would agree to marry him."
> You look around for Michael, but you only see a blood trail leading towards the bathroom.

The trail leads east into the kitchen.
You follow the trail through the kitchen and down a corridor to the south.
It's dark in here.
A bloody knife lies on the ground near the end of the corridor.

> You pickup the knife and then notice Michael's corpse.

Michael's body is lying face-down on the floor, his throat cut. Blood covers the walls and ceiling.
Michael doesn't have any pockets, either.
His wedding ring is on a chain around his neck.

Beth sneaks up behind you and asks, "What's the matter?"  You nervously squeak out, "I need to find my cellphone and get back to Vegas. My friends, Tony and Cory, are waiting for me."

Beth smiles at you and says, "Don't worry, Michael will give it to you when we get married."
"But he's... dead."
"Yes, but don't worry -- he said he'd still do it.

You search Michael's body for your cell phone.

Your cell phone isn't in his pocket.
He must've put it somewhere else.
"I can't wait to be Mrs. Michael LeHam! And to have our own little baby!"

You notice the knife you picked up is a bread knife with no special attributes.

Beth reaches over and grabs the knife, saying, "Let me handle this."
She raises the knife high overhead as if she were going to stab you, but instead she slices her wrists and drops her hands to the floor.

You run out of the house and speed off into town.  You stop at the nearest gas station and tell the owner to call the police.  But when you arrive at the Bethleham gas station, you are greeted by Beth Le Ham!
 She's standing next to a car with the hood up and she seems very upset.
Her wedding dress is ripped and covered in blood.
"Why did you kill yourself, Beth?" you say.

You reveal your troubled past to Beth.

You explain how you grew up in a trailer park in Georgia. Your mother was mentally ill and spent most of her time high or drunk.
One day, when you were five years old, your father came home and beat her to death with a hammer.

Beth tells you why she killed Michael and then herself:

"After Michael and I got married, things started getting bad between us. He wanted to bring all his friends over to the house after you left. I didn't want them to know what we were doing.
 I also found out he had been cheating on me with some girl named Amanda. I couldn't take it anymore.
"Then, one night, Michael and I went to bed. When we woke up, I screamed and cried.

You ask if Beth Le Ham is a ghost or an undead.

"No," she says. "I'm not a ghost. I'm just a normal person who decided to kill herself because my husband was unfaithful."

> You say "Any time's the right time for knife time."

You say that to Beth, hoping to cheer her up.
"We should get married again," Beth says. "And then, we'll have another child."
"Okay," you say.

You are interrupted by The Glock Goblin!
 It shoots a shotgun blast of energy at Beth and you.
Beth and you both die!
You wake up in a cold, white room. There is a window and you can see snow outside.

You level up and gain the following after life powers:

Cold Skin - You become invisible to the naked eye.
Screaming Death - All enemies within 2 tiles take damage equal to 10% of their current HP.
Death Vision - You can see the location of every enemy in front of you.

You decide to get ghost revenge on the Glock Goblin.

You sneak out of your room and head downstairs.
You slip into the living room, where you spy a Glock Goblin with its back turned to you.
You point the barrel of the shotgun at the back of the Glock Goblin's head and pull the trigger.

You shoot the Glock Goblin's head clean off.
You hear a loud scream come from the upstairs bedroom.
You hurry up the stairs and into the master bedroom.
You see Michael LeHam lying on the floor, his eyes wide with terror.

You say a cool one liner:
 "There's always a bigger gun".
You then grab his head and smack it against the corner of the wall.
You knock Michael unconscious.
You reach into his jacket and pull out a silver ring.

This silver ring is magical and gives you the power to
 make people fall in love with you.
You try the ring on your finger.
Suddenly, Michael's eyes turn to you and he says, "I love you."
You leave the house and return to your car.

You attempt to resume your journey for Vegas, but stop when you remember you still don't have your phone.  You see Michael holding, you yoink it out of his hands, and speed off!

You drive over and talk to the gas station owner.
"Well, what now?"
You explain to him that you found a dead body and killed it.
The gas station owner takes you to the police station.

You arrive at the police station and realize there is only one person working tonight: Beth Le Ham!

Beth explains everything to the officer:
"My husband and I were having problems. He kept bringing his friends over and I didn't like it. Then, he told me he wanted to divorce me."

You are sentenced to community service.

You meet with Officer Beth Le Ham and perform your community service.
You work hard and finish the whole day before you realize you havens' even asked about your cell phone yet.
You ask Beth about your phone.

Beth hands you your phone and you see the following message from Tony:
 "Where r u bro? I'm waiting at the airport and I don't see you on the plane."
You text Tony: "I lost my phone and am heading to Las Vegas ASAP.