Freshman Year – You are Deathman, the Freshmaker, and you are looking to get a haircut.

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You are Deathman, the Freshmaker, and you are looking to get a haircut.
The barbershop is located in a small neighborhood street on a sunny day. Several houses can be seen from here; most of them are single story homes. The street is lined by trees that provide shade for both pedestrians and drivers alike.

> You walk to the barbershop, but no one is inside. You see a note that the barbershop is temporarily closed due to

Flu outbreak*. Your guess is as good as mine!
A small note is taped to the door of the barbershop: "Sorry - Flu Outbreak".
Some people are sick with influenza, so the barber shop has been forced to close its doors until further notice.

> You go home dejected and turn on the news. A breaking news story interrupts the trashy reality tv show you are watching. It turns out that what they thought was a simple flu outbreak is actually.

"What we think were just ordinary flu cases may have been caused by something more sinister," says the reporter. "We believe this could be some sort of viral warfare."
You are still skeptical about what he's saying.

Then you remember meeting with someone who talked about viral warfare:

 the man behind the viral videos. Was it him? Could he have done this?
You realize you need to find out the truth before things get worse.
You grab your coat and leave, heading down the stairs to leave the apartment building.

You head to garage and think to yourself, "Mr Beast... has he gone too far? Why would he do this? For the views? For the money?"

It doesn't make sense.
The door opens automatically when you approach it. Inside, you see four cars parked side-by-side along the wall.
This garage is a private parking lot;

You remember meeting a fully uniformed foreign soldier at the Denny's. That seemed out of place

Could he be responsible for causing the Flu?
Maybe. You decide to look into it.
You drive off toward the local army base.
When you arrive, the gate guard tells you that you will not be able to enter without a pass.

You use your Freshmaker powers to get passed the gate.

Inside, you see a large field surrounded by buildings. Some soldiers can be seen running around the grounds carrying huge guns. They are training for war.
There is no sign of Mr Beast anywhere.

A solider approaches you and tells you that they are on high alert from the virus. You inquire about Mr Beast and the foreign solider.

He tells you that they have been taken hostage by the virus and are being held captive.
The virus is trying to take over the world, and it's up to the soldiers to stop it.

You ask to meet with the King Virus.

They tell you that the king virus was captured by the army. He is being kept prisoner under heavy security.
The best way to get access to him is to become an army soldier first.
So you agree to join their ranks as a private.

You interrogate King Virus using your Freshmaker powers.

King Virus says that he made the video about the flu outbreak because the government is covering it up.
The government knows that the flu is a weapon and wants to keep it hidden.
He also said he was threatened by the government officials if he didn't shut down his channel immediately.

You listen to King Virus, but you are skeptical of his radical talk and conspiracy theories.

But then something happens that makes you question everything.
You hear gunshots.
You see soldiers running towards the south end of the compound. You hear screaming.
Then you smell blood.
You rush to check on what is happening.
As you approach the crowd, you see a group of men fighting with each other. Some of the men are holding guns. The rest are covered in blood.
One of the soldiers falls to the ground.

As he falls, you see that Mr Beast has transformed in a real beast!

The soldiers try to shoot him, but they are unable to hit him. He is too fast.
The soldiers are all dead now.
You watch helplessly as the beast approaches you.
Suddenly, you feel an energy surge through you.

You feel so FRESH. You feel a wave of freshness like you never have before.

 Suddenly, you gain new abilities.
You are more powerful than ever.
You become Deathman, the Freshmaker.
You have unlocked the power of Freshness!
Freshness is the ability to remove any negative feeling or emotion.

You use Freshness on the beast.

He looks confused and unsure of what just happened.
You attack him with your newfound power.
Deathman's Freshness removes the effects of the flu from all infected persons.
The soldiers begin to heal, and you lead them to safety.

You rush over to Mr Beast who has reverted to his human form and you ask him, "Why Mr Beast!? Why did you do this!?"

Mr Beast tries to defend himself, but he is unable to explain why he did this.
You examine the bodies of the dead soldiers and you discover that they too had the flu.
It was Mr Beast's plan all along.

Mr Beast is sent to jail and you are given the key to the city. The Mayor asks how can they ever repay you and you reply, "I'd like a fresh haircut if that's not too much trouble!"

You visit the barber shop and get your haircut. Then you go back to the Mayor and tell him you want to run for office.
He tells you that he'll support you and says that you're the best candidate they could hope for.

You run for office under the slogan:

 "Dying is for losers."
You win the election easily and soon after, Mr Beast is released from prison.
Your Freshmaker power has saved countless lives since then.
You are Deathman, the Freshmaker.