Frendly Harbrovovich, a bounty hunter living and working in the dystopian future city of Neo Seattle

Posted under Episode 136, Story On By Chief

You have been hired by the city government to find and capture the leader of the resistance army. You have received a tip that the resistance leader is holding a medium stakes card game near the fish market. You head to the fish market.

You arrive at the market just as the sun is setting, but you see no signs of life. A few people mill about, but they appear to be doing nothing more than trying to get some sleep. You approach one of them, a middle-aged man with a goatee who looks up when he sees you.

The man tells you, "The password is kissee fishy," and hands you a catfish. Confused, you are led down a staircase and given a seat at the card game.

A young woman wearing a fur coat sits nearby with her boyfriend. The couple seems to know each other, but refuse to talk to you. They both seem to be playing for their lives. You watch as the man's hand slowly moves from the top of the deck to the bottom.

The dealer deals the cards and says, "OK the pot is for a million dollars, losers will be take out and killed."

> You keep Playing You keep playing, but it does not feel like the right thing to do. It feels wrong to betray your friends. You look around at the table and realize that everyone else is in danger too. Everyone here has something that could make you rich or kill you. If you were smart you would leave now, but if you stay you might just lose everything...

You decide to gamble everything. The cards and dealt and you slowly put your hand on your gun.

You pull it out and aim at the man's face. He doesn't even flinch. You don't think he can hear you over his own heartbeat, but then again maybe you're not listening very well, because you aren't thinking straight. You are only thinking about how lucky you are to still be alive after all this shit you've gone through. "What's the deal?"

Suddenly your catfish rings. Surprised, you pull a phone out of the catfish and answer it. The voice on the other line tells you to put it on speakerphone. "Frendly, we think your cover is blown. They know you are a bounty hunter. Get out of there!"

"I'm sorry sir, I won't let you down". "No, you won't. We'll take care of it". The door opens and a tall man steps into the room. He wears a suit and tie and carries a briefcase. He walks towards you and raises an eyebrow. "So what did you want?"

You say "I need the name of the man who runs this joint, he's going to die."

He pauses, "Oh? And why should I help you?" "Because I am a friend of yours and I owe you my life, so if you give me your name I promise I'll bring him back to you safely". "Very well, he's under house arrest right now, so I suggest you come with me. You'll find him soon enough".

You and the tall man leaving the gambling den. You walk out the back door and casually throw a grenade back into the den as you leave. You then go to the resistance leader's house. You knock on the front door and find...

No one home. You enter the basement and open the safe where you found the catfish. Inside is a note saying "Kiss Me" written on the inside of the lid. You tear the note apart and read it: I love you so much, I wish I was always with you. I wish we had never lost our way out of the forest.

You realize the resistance leader is Mandy Harbrovovich, your ex-wife. She is the smartest person you know. You ask the tall man where she is.

He responds "She's dead, but we will get her back someday". You try to call her number, but there is no answer. You wonder if she is dead. Maybe you should get revenge on the man who murdered her.

You give up all your worldly possessions and swear you will find the man (or women, though it's unlikely) who killed your Mandybear.