Eric Fryinton, the best man at a wedding

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While everybody else is getting ready for the wedding, you are in the restroom. While in a stall, the wedding rings fall of your pocket and land in the toilet. After washing your hands, you step outside. The groom walks up to you and asks where the rings are. You nervously laugh and say, "In the toilet."

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" he says as he rushes off with his fiancé. You sit there staring at the door in disbelief. This isn't happening. The thought that this could happen has been running through your mind since you got on the plane. What if they didn't get married? What would have happened had you not gotten on the plane?

You use your pocket time machine to go back in the past and decide not to get on the plane. You observe what happens next.

> You stay home and wait for them. You stand by your front door waiting anxiously for the couple to come out. They don't show up, but you're relieved that it's over now. As soon as they leave, you run inside and slam the door shut.

The groom, James Franco, pounds on the door and demands you let him in.

He looks like he wants to cry, but instead he just shouts, "I'M NOT GOING TO DIE! YOU CAN'T STOP ME FROM MARRYING MY GIRLFRIEND!" With those words, he runs away from the house. You quickly check the time on your phone and realize that it's still morning.

You visit Mordello, the Grand Witch of Las Vegas, and ask her to lift the marriage death curse she has placed on him.

She agrees, but warns you that if you try to stop her, she'll kill you. Instead you take her advice and leave. As you walk down the street, you see the two of them walking hand-in-hand. They look happy, which makes you sadder than ever. Suddenly, Franco turns around and hugs you.

James Franco tells you, "I know you're in love with my fiancee. And I'm totally cool with it."

You kiss Franco goodbye and head home. As you return to your room, you find a letter in your mailbox. It reads: Dear Mr. Fry, Sorry about the delay in responding to your letter. We were having some problems with our mailman who was also delivering some packages we received yesterday.

You read the letter, it's from Mordello. She says the wedding was saved, but the world is now doomed. At the bottom of the letter is a date that she says is the end of the world: 1/1/2021

. Franco tells you that if you want to save the world, you need to marry him. He then kisses you goodnight and leaves. A few days later, Franco calls you up again. He says, "I think you should marry me". What do you do?

You say to Franco "OK. Let's do this sham marriage to save the world! But understand that means I'm also marrying your wife and get to seduce your wife all night.".

Franco replies, "Don't worry, I won't be doing anything weird or immoral. Just make sure to give me enough money to live comfortably while we're married".. What will Franco do? Will he accept the challenge? Will he refuse? Will you help Franco?

You agree to marry Franco and his wife and provide for the both of them. You all go to SeaWorld in San Diego for your honeymoon.

Franco takes you to meet his wife, who looks very pretty. Franco starts kissing her passionately and then suddenly stops when he notices you watching. Franco says, "What are you looking at?" You tell him that you saw Franco kissing his bride. Franco smiles and says, "Well, maybe I should start giving her head before I put the ring on her finger".

You continue.

Franco gets naked and begins touching himself. Then Franco grabs your pants and pulls them off. Franco starts licking the woman's pussy, making her moan loudly. Franco continues to lick her pussy until he tastes her juices. Franco licks the woman's ass and then Franco puts his mouth on her breasts. Franco then fucks the woman hard and deep. Franco then cums in the woman's mouth.

You notice a bunch of sea otters are watching the graphic sex scene from the other side of the glass.

Franco tells the woman that she needs to suck out every drop of cum from his cock. Afterwards Franco tells you, "This is how you fuck a girl, right?" You nod yes. Franco then says, "Now that's what I call fucking a real lady".

Franco orders you to fuck his wife in front of the orcas.

> You fuck Franco's Wife in Front of Orcas You reluctantly agree to Franco's request. Franco goes into the bedroom where you see his wife getting fucked in front of the orcas. Franco says, "See how much fun I can have with just one dick in my ass?!?" Franco then proceeds to ram his massive pole into his wife's tight asshole.