Shawdah, a runway fashion super model living in New York City

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Your name is Shawdah.  You are a runway fashion super model living in New York City.

You are doing your makeup in your Penthouse, about to go to a photoshoot, when you hear a loud knock on your door.

"Who's there?" you ask. "It's me," the voice says. "I'm sorry, but I have to see you". You open the door and enter your apartment. The door shuts behind you. "Shawdah, it's just me," the voice says. "Please come with me". The door opens again.

You continue.

"Come inside", the voice says. "We're going to do something really important". You step into the room. A man stands before you. He has long blond hair and wears glasses. His eyes are blue and his face is very handsome. "This is my boyfriend, Michael. We've been together for years".

You offer the couple a line of coke off a mirror.

They take it gratefully. "What's your name?" you ask. "Michael", they reply. "My name is Shawdah".

You Take Michael to the hottest club in the city.

There he meets dozens of beautiful women. They all want him too. But he can't get them all. So he decides to make a movie about it. It will be called "The Sex Tape".

You call Stanley Kubrick and ask him to direct the movie.

> You film 2: The Sex Tape You sit in your penthouse apartment watching TV. Suddenly, you feel like you should say something. Then you remember that you haven't seen your girlfriend since last night. She hasn't returned either. What would you say? Would you tell her she needs to leave or what?

You Decide to impress your girlfriend by inviting her to lunch with Stanley Kubrick.

You call Stanley Kubrick and ask him to invite your girlfriend to lunch with him. "No problem", he replies. You call Stanley Kubrick and ask him to invite your girlfriend to lunch with him. "No problem", he replies. You call Stanley Kubrick and ask him to invite your girlfriend to lunch with him.

You go to the bathroom and throw up lunch.

When you return, Stanley Kubrick is waiting for you. "That was great!" he exclaims. "How did you know I was here?" You explain how you invited your girlfriend to lunch with you. Stanley Kubrick looks at you as if you're crazy. "Sheesh! That's so romantic!", he says. "Well, I guess we'll find out soon enough".

You Your girlfriend arrives and you introduce her to Stanley Kubrick. She throws up all over him.

When she leaves, Stanley Kubrick tells you that he doesn't think you should bother coming back to meet him. "He said he'd rather not waste any more time with you". You don't understand why he wouldn't want to spend time with you. "Maybe he's got some other girl he wants to show you around".

You follow Stanley Kubrick and spy on him. Find out who he's spending all his time with.

> You dinner with Stanley Kubrick You arrive at Stanley Kubrick's penthouse apartment. As usual, he greets you warmly. "So, you're the new guy. How nice to meet you". You smile and nod. "Yes, yes, I am. My name is Shawdah. I'm from New York. I live with my boyfriend Michael".

You Ask Stanley to be a producer on the movie.

Stanley nods. "Sure, sure. Whatever you need". You walk upstairs to Stanley's bedroom. There sits a naked woman. Her breasts are large and firm. She's wearing nothing else except a pair of tight white panties. "Oh, this one's special. This is the only one in existence. She's a runway model named Sharon Stone". Stanley chuckles.

You touch Stanly lightly on the arm and say "Oh Stanley, you are so funny." You flirt casually as a movie industry standard practice.

You ask Stanley to let you use his shower. Stanley smiles. "Of course. Come on, let's go". You follow Stanley outside where you see an empty lot. "See, we're right next to a parking garage. Let's go". You follow Stanley into the garage. You notice that the place is completely deserted. No cars, no people, nothing.

You shower in the empty garage. You make Stanley promise to keep his eyes wide shut while your shower.

When you emerge from the shower, you notice that Stanley is gone. You search the garage. Nothing. Stanley must have left town.

You call Stanley's agent and ask for his whereabouts.

He answers. "I don't know where he went. I sent someone to look for him but they didn't return". You sigh. "It seems like there's no point in trying to contact him anymore. Maybe he's dead". You decide to call your mother. She lives in Florida. You call her. "Hello, Mommy. Where are you?" She answers.

You continue.

"Where are you now?" She continues. "Are you okay?" You answer. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just lost my job. Why do you want to talk to me?" "I'm sorry to hear that. Are you still working?" "No, I quit. I had to move away from New York because of the bad economy".

You book a flight to Miami. Start a new modeling career doing bikini fashion week.

> You Miami You arrive in Miami. You take a cab to the hotel. When you arrive, you realize that you've never been here before. You check into the hotel. After checking in, you head to the bar. You order a drink and then start dancing. A man walks up to you. He has dark hair and wears glasses. He speaks with you politely.

You realize the man is Stanley Kubrick.

"Hey, it's good to see you again. I've missed you". You reply. "What brings you here?" "My friend told me about this party you're throwing. It sounds really fun. Do you mind if I come?"

You agree to accompany Stanley to the party, which is in a parking garage. The bouncer tells you showers are mandatory before you enter the party.

The elevator doors open. You enter the party. It's a big mansion. Lots of expensive furniture. Lots of beautiful women. You notice several men staring at you. They seem to be staring at you intently. Suddenly, Stanley Kubrick appears behind you. He grabs your ass tightly. You scream. Stanley Kubrick laughs. "Don't worry, baby".

You giggle and flirt with Stanley. Get him to direct the movie and sign a contract.

> You The Party Begins Afterwards, you leave the party and get back in the taxi. You drive off. Stanley Kubrick looks at you. "Shawdah, you were great tonight. I can't wait to work with you". You smile and nod. "Thank you, Stanley". Stanley Kubrick drives off. You turn to the driver.

You say "Driver, take us to South Beach"

The car speeds along. You stop at a red light. Stanley Kubrick turns to you. "Now, I want you to pretend you're walking down the street. But instead of walking, you run. That way, nobody will ever suspect that you're gay". You laugh nervously. Stanley Kubrick smiles. "Good boy".

You run as fast as you ever have in your life.

You reach South Beach. You hide in a building. Stanley Kubrick arrives. He opens the door. "Ah, Shawdah, what a surprise. Now, I want you to pretend you're walking down the street. But instead of walking, you run. That way, nobody will ever suspect that you're gay". You laugh nervously. Stanley Kubrick smiles. "Good boy".

You Confess to Stanley Kubrick that you are gay.

Stanley Kubrick laughs. "Well, Shawdah, you did exactly what I wanted. You ran away from home and found a guy who would love you unconditionally. And you came out of hiding and became a model. Congratulations, kid! You're a real hero!" Stanley Kubrick kisses you on the cheek. "And congratulations, kid. You're a real man!". You kiss him back.

You start filming of "3: Another Sex Tape in Paradise".

> You 3: Another Sex Tape in Paradise (Part 2) Stanley Kubrick says "Okay, kid. We'll film another sex tape in paradise. This time, you'll fuck some other guy. I bet you won't regret it". You agree. Stanley Kubrick says "Alright, kid. We'll film another sex tape in paradise. This time, you'll fuck some other guy".

You rent a huge speedboat and film the opening scene off the coast of Miami.

Then, you board the boat and go to the beach. Stanley Kubrick sits on the edge of the boat. He begins masturbating. You watch. You begin to feel uncomfortable. Stanley Kubrick stops masturbating. He gets off the boat and approaches you. He puts his arm around you. He whispers in your ear. "Shhh... don't tell anyone. Just enjoy the moment..".

You look at the daily's together.

Stanley Kubrick leans over and kisses you passionately. You gasp. Stanley Kubrick pulls you close and kisses you deeply. You moan. Stanley Kubrick starts fucking you hard. You cry out. Stanley Kubrick pulls out and smiles at you. "That was so much fun. Thank you for letting me film it". Stanley Kubrick kisses you on the lips. "See you later, kid".

You take footage of Stanley being a creep and send to all the big news stations.

A few days later, Stanley Kubrick calls you. He asks you where you live. You tell him. He says he'll call you soon. Stanley Kubrick hangs up. You think about how you should tell your parents. Then, you decide not to tell them. You just keep quiet and hope they don't find out.

You hear a knock at the door. You open it and find a young man standing there. He says he is Harvey Weinstein, Stanley's intern.

Stanley wants you to meet him at the studio.

You offer the boy a line of coke.

He takes it without hesitation. You ask him where he lives. He says he lives in an apartment complex called The Village. You ask him if he has any friends there. He says no. You ask him if he likes drugs. He says he doesn't like drugs. You ask him if he likes boys. He says he doesn't like boys. You ask him if he likes girls.

You continue.

> You Yes No You say "Yes", then you ask him if he likes girls. He says "No". You ask him if he likes guys. He says "No". You ask him if he likes girls. He says "No". You ask him if he likes guys. He says "No". You ask him if he likes girls. He says "No".

You tell him to take you to the studio where stanley is.

You walk into the studio. Stanley walks in. He sees you. He smiles. He grabs your hand and leads you to the elevator. You follow Stanley into the elevator. When the doors open, Stanley pushes you against the wall and kisses you passionately. You scream. Stanley smiles. He tells you to shut up. Stanley pushes you onto the bed and fucks you until you cum.

You rip off Stanley's weiner and shove it far up Harvey's butt.

You pull out and ejaculate on his face. You smile at him. Stanley looks shocked. Stanley wipes his dick with a towel. Stanley pours himself a drink and hands it to you. You eat the shit out of it. Stanley thanks you profusely. Stanley then gives you a blowjob. You gag and choke on the shit. Stanley licks your face clean.

You ask Harvey if he like's boys.

Harvey nods. Stanley smiles at you. Stanley says "I'm sorry, but I can't let you have Harvey anymore. It's too bad, because I really liked him". You nod. Stanley says "It's okay. I know you were lonely. I wish I could've been more than just a friend. I'd be here forever. Goodbye". Harvey smiles at you.

You Make Harvey masturbate into a plant.

You leave Stanley alone. You head home. You get a phone call from your mom. She says she heard what happened. She says she hopes you're happy now. You hang up. The next day, you get a call from Harvey. He says that Stanley told him that you weren't going to be coming to work today.

You move back in with your parents and get a job at a meat packing plant.

A couple years pass... Five years later... You're 25. You got a good job working as a cook at a fast food restaurant. You love your job. One night, while you're cleaning the kitchen, a customer comes in asking for something special. You see a bag of chips and a box of nachos.

You give him a vhs copy of 3:The sex tape in paradise (part 2) and give him a wink.

A year passes... Two years later... You're 30. You're married to a guy named Mikey. You love him. You have two kids. You spend most of your time watching TV or playing video games. One night, you're sitting in your room when you hear a loud noise outside.

You realize the noise is someone knocking on the window. It is Stanley Kubrick. He pokes his head through the window and screams, "Here's Johnny!".

Johnny walks in and says, "Hi". "What do you want?" "I need some help getting my car started". "Well, why don't you go over to the garage and talk to Mr. Ziegler? He knows everything about cars". "But I don't know anyone who works there!"

You refuse to help Johnny and sick the dogs on Stanley.

Johnny leaves. You sit down and cry. You wonder what the hell did you do wrong.

You Make amends with your mother.

You make amends with your wife. You start dating again. A few months later, you discover that Stanley is still alive. He's dead. You watch the news and learn that Stanley was murdered by a hitman hired by Johnny. Johnny was killed by a jealous ex-girlfriend. You look at your dead body and weep. Your life ends.