Jack Traven, Speed 3: Back in the Bus

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You are Jack Traven. It is 11:45 P.M, 15 minutes prior to January 1st, 2021. You board an almost empty bus after doing some last-minute grocery shopping. All of a sudden the driver collapses, his skull cracking on the steering wheel. The horn blares obnoxiously, you notice a faint beeping noise coming from the backpack that has been wedged in-between the break pedal and the acceleration pedal, you realize; it is a bomb. 

Opening the backpack, you see a note glued to the dynamite casing which is containing the chemical substances: "You have 12 minutes to get home. Maintain a speed of anything above 45 MPH. If you drop below this, you will cause everybody to die. The bomb shall take effect after you reach 1 MPH, or when you hit the gas pedal. You cannot leave the bus, in addition, we have four snipers watching you, and two random vehicles shall follow you at all times, you must arrive at your house before midnight. The doors are locked until your departure into your premises. Good luck."

You check your wristwatch before falling into the vacant driver's seat; 11:47 P.M.

The bus slowly drives through the night, passing by the many houses with their blinds closed. The bus passes several people walking along the street, but none of them look suspicious.

> You yell out the window "I'm driving a fucking bomb!" warning all the pedestrians on the sidewalk.
You shout out the window "I'm driving a fucking bomb! I don't care if they're armed, I'm not going to let them kill me!" You turn off the radio and put your hands over your ears.
You see a car pull up next to you. It is Takumi Fujiwara, competitive street racer. Takumi looks over to you and yells, "all your base, which are belong to us" and speeds up as if he was racing you. He pulls away from you as a man in black clothes and ski mask opens the rear door of the bus from the inside.

> You the man tries to get you stop the bus and the two of you fight over the steering wheel.
You do absolutely nothing as the man points a gun at you. He starts yelling at you, and attempts to grab control of the steering wheel.

> You the man tries to get you stop the bus and the two of you fight over the steering wheel.
You grab the man's gun with your hand and try to wrestle it out of his hands.
You realize the man is actually a woman: Rosa Parks.
"Why did you do that?" she screams.
"It was an accident; I just wanted to grab the gun out of your hand", you reply.
"Too late now, Jack," she says.
Rosa Parks tries to park the bus.  The bus stops right in front park of your house.
You get off and run inside, 11:59pm. You look at the bus and give Rosa Parks a thumbs up. She smiles and waves. As you drift off to sleep, you think about what happened.
"Geez, that was a good idea I had about the license plate!"
You write the idea down so as not to forget it:
"If you are being chased by the police, replace your rear license plate with a stolen one."
"Driving a bus is easy!"
The television turns on and a man says "Congratulations on parking the bus, your challenge has just started. Look underneath your bed for your next clue."
You look underneath your bed and find a pair of shoes.
"Follow my footprints to find your next clue."
You follow the footprints to the fridge and open it to see the next clue:
"I am the beginning of everything, and the end of everything."
A buzzing noise is heard and the lights flicker on and off. You see a box with a light on that says "Open me".

> You open the box.
You open the box to find a bunch of flash cards. They are numbered 1 through 66. They are all different colors and pictures of common things.

> You realize Rosa Parks knows that you never graduated high school.
You throw the flash cards down on the ground, leaving the boxes open. The television turns on:
"Too bad, that could have been useful information.

> You see on the kitchen table a rubix cube with numbers instead of colors.
You realize the answer to the riddle is in that box. You run back into the kitchen and grab the rubix cube.
You look at the pictures and see that they are grouped into threes.
You solve the puzzle, revealing this message:  W E L C O M E T O R E A L I T Y 
You are transported to a giant maze.
The maze has no walls, only rows of corn stalks.
You get the remote from Click that allows you to fast forward real life and use it to fast forward through the solving the maze.
Using the fast forward button, the maze is solved within seconds.
On the other side of the maze is a door with a picture of you and your high school crush, Kate Jarman.
You try Kate Jarman as a friend on Facebook. You become friends with her and find out that she is in a relationship with Click.
In front of the door is a Rubix cube with more numbers on it.
You give up on solving the puzzles. You go to sleep.
You have recurring dreams about the woman who died on the bus. In your dreams, you can save her.
In the end, that is all you can do: save her.
You use the remote to rewind time to when you were first on the bus. You look at the bus driver and see it is Kate Jarman and you save her life by escorting her off the bus. You then attempt to kiss her. She says no. You then use the remote to fast forward time until you reach your destination.
Once in Reality 2.0, you realize that you are in the middle of a giant maze.
The moral of the story: Your actions in one reality affect all realities.