Arnold Pineda, a pretty good archeologist

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You are Arnold Pineda, a pretty good archeologist. You and your team are excavating a strange ruin discovered near the Detroit River. As you dig deeper and deeper, the truth becomes clear. You have just unearthed the entrance to the lost city of South Detroit! The ruins were built by an advanced civilization long ago, but it was destroyed in a cataclysmic event that changed the face of the Earth forever. Now only their secrets remain...

> You get a call from a blocked number.
You pick up the phone and hear a voice on the other end.

> You scream into the phone "WHO IS THIS?!"
"It's important that you listen to me," a small, chilling voice says. "There's no time to argue. You're in danger."
"W-who is this??" you whimper.
"That doesn't matter right now! What matters is that I'm your only hope. The people who are hunting you won't stop. They'll keep coming until they find you."
The voice tells you his name is Tony, a member of your team who is yawning. Tony tells you that you need to help him find an ancient artifact that attaches to your head, you have no idea what it does. You tell Tony that you happen to have the artifact already and place a KFC bucket on your head.
"That's not the one," he says irritably, "Look under your bed."
You look under your bed to find a headband with three large green rocks attached to it.

> You put on the headband and level up to obtain the following powers:.
Your headband allows you to use the power of telekinesis and by a special combination of buttons, you can make things explode.

> You fiddle around with the buttons to try and make something explode. \.
As you play with the buttons, you succeed in making a nearby desk explode. You look around to see if anyone noticed and luckily no one did.

> You keep trying combinations and discover the following powers:.
After experimenting with different button combinations, you succeed in making a pencil float in the air by holding down the trigger button.
The pencil floats out of the tent and you follow it. 
You find yourself floating through the air behind it as you hold the trigger button. It seems that you can move around by moving your head, looking in different directions.

> You see on the horizon group of Nazis riding four wheelers driving angrily in your direction.
There is a group of angry Germans on ATV's driving towards you. As they get closer, you can see that they are indeed angry and from their mouths comes fire.
You see Tony wave you into a nearby abandoned building. You hide in the nearby Fowling Warehouse.
If only you could somehow let the angry Germans know that you aren't there to steal their treasure...

> You press buttons on the headband until one of the ATVs explodes into a giant fireball.
You press the buttons carefully and one of the ATV's explodes into a giant fireball.
The other three stop to surround the flaming wreckage.

> You press the buttons on the headband and blow up one of the ATVs.
You press the buttons again and one of the ATV's explodes.
The other two speed up and drive in your direction.
You run out of the building desperately trying to get away.
You continue mashing buttons until your begin fly into the sky.
You find yourself hovering above the angry German's.
You move your head around as you try to find the flying pencil but you can't see it anywhere.

> You press buttons on the headband until one of the ATVs explodes into a giant fireball.
You press the buttons again and one of the ATV's explodes.
You have no idea what else to do and try every button combination that you can think of.

> You can feel the flying pencil connected to you psychically. It is now in the hand of Dr ReinDr0b,the man who hired the Nazis to retrieve the Headband. He says "The pencil for the headband. A fair trade"
You peacefully accept the trade and see that your headband has been updated with a new power.
You use your new power on the last nazi: Herr WheelerSchinzel. ATV SS officer.
You use your power to take control of his brain and he slowly floats into the air as you make him dance in the sky like a puppet.

> You stab him with the floating pencil and win the nobel prize.
The hovering pencil pierces his heart and he falls to the earth. He falls onto his own hand grenade and your Native American victory dance is interrupted by a massive explosion.
The moral of the story: Don't mess with the Indian behind the headband
You have reached the end of this Interactive Achievement.