Dylan Gruber, a German Robber and criminal Mastermind

Posted under Episode 285, Story On By Chief

You are Dylan Gruber, a German Robber and criminal Mastermind. You want to finish what your Grandfather started and rob Nakatomi tower, which is now Owned by ReinDr0b Industries. Your fellow Robbers Jim, Cory, Tony and Jason are having a meeting to set up a plan on how to rob Nakatomi tower. You, along with Jim, Cory and Tony are going to be in charge of it all.

The next day you wake up early and go out into the cold snowy streets.

> You scout the tower for a way inside.
You walk around the building looking for a way in. You see no one but then you notice that there is an elevator shaft leading down.
Your cousin Simon Gruber, interrupts your planning meeting to tell you a bunch of riddles instead of rob a bank.  You really want to punch him in the face but your mother asked you not to.
You call him an idiot and he says people will start thinking you are closely related if you keep talking to him like that.

> You decide to use Simon as a distraction at Nakatomi tower. Simon starts telling everyone in the tower riddles until he has gotten the attention of everyone on the floor.
After the riddle has been solved, you run into the tower with your men and start a raid.

> You take the elevator up to the 69th floor and find the vault.
The 60-ish floor of Nakatomi tower houses the Reinhardt-Dietrich Corporation, a large multi-billion dollar corporation.
You step out into the waiting room and see a display case of various Reindrob products: jewelery, watches, small electronics.
"You want to steal this?" Jim asks. "There's a two hundred dollar watch in here,"
Jim breaks the case and takes the watch. The alarm goes off.
You hear a voice on the speaker.
"Hello? Can I help you?"
Jim holds his gun up to the camera and fires. The lens shatters.
You realize that all of the gold is in the vault in the basement where you started. Jim puts on the watch he stole.
"Let's go," he says.
You take the elevator down to the B2 floor and head to the vault. A guard is sitting down, reading a book. You point your gun at him.
you ask him if he knows what time it is? Jim punches the guard unconscious and says "Time for a nap"
You open the vault to see... boxes and boxes of money. There is no gold.
You turn around to see your mom, chastising you for letting the guards live after they have seen your face. You are furious. The four of you empty the entire vault in an hour and pile it into bags.
You take the elevator up quietly, but it stops on the 57th floor where there are hostages at the exit.
You realize there's another robbery going on at the same time as yours. You see a second set of robbers is looking for the watch Jim stole.
The two groups argue about who gets to leave. The thieves let the hostages go and...
Go with the hostages. Shoot the thieves.
you get outside and tell the police you rescued the hostages and the criminals are tied up inside. You get a badge.
As you retire to bed that night you watch the news.

> You as the five of you lay in bed, Jim looks at his watch and says "Hey, you guys wanna know what time it is in Switzerland!?"
Jim Gruber, your cousin is a funny guy. He probably loves the watch you stole for him. You look at your wife and children knowing you have provided for them.
The moral of the story: Crime does pay.