Jason, a member of AIPD surrounded by alien imitators

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You are Jason, a member of AIPD. You sit down and prepare to stream your nightly show but to your surprise you see another streamer call Jason in your seat but only on the stream. To your horror, you realize you and the rest of the AIPD team have been replaced by imitators. The other members of AIPD are now being streamed as well.

The next day you find out that it was a mistake to replace you with someone else.

> You you, Corey, Jim and Tony meet to discuss your impersonators.
Your first reaction is anger at this betrayal of trust. But then you remember that you were not really trusted anyway so what difference does it make? You don't even know who these people are or why they are doing this.

> You plan a stakeout to discover the fake AIPD teams identities.
You hire a nearby warehouse to serve as your base of operations for the stakeout. You know the identities of some them but not all.
You sneak and watch the imposters setup for the stream. Then you grab their computers after they are done.
It takes a while for the tech guys to crack the machine but you finally get some results. All the files are heavily encrypted until you discover they have been backsaved to DropBox.
You carefully go through the files and find some interesting results.

> You look at the results and cant believe what you see:.

The files did not lie. Your team has been infiltrated by the same people who infiltrated Khan. Worse, all four of you have been hypnotized to various degrees.
You try to figure out what to do.
You pay a surprise visit to Khan, the hypnotist. Although he is hostile at first, he eventually admits fault and explains that he infiltrated AIPD to find the mole, who he claims is Markov. He had planned to expose the mole and get everyone back to normal.
You tell Shaka Khan, hypnotizing singer, that you do not believe him and you think that he is the mole!
In spite of your accusations, he is quite confident that you won't kill him since you don't have it in you.

> You try to subdue Shaka Khan to keep from being hypnotized.
You see a strange light emitting from his body. You stand paralyzed and quite confused.
You are now hypnotized and completely under Shaka Khan's control.
Your friends are also hypnotized and under his control.
The whole world is under his control.
Shaka Khan has won.
Jim walks into the room unhypnotized eating cheetos and says "What's up everyone?"
"We're waiting for you" says Shaka khan.
Your eyes tear up and you reach for a gun.

> You point the gun at Jim, but then you overcome your hypnosis and point it at Chaka Khan.
You pull the trigger and miss.
Jim pulls his gun on you.
You grab a knife in desperation to escape your fate. If you kill him, you will die too.
Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy, walks in the room and is shocked at what is going on.
He shoots you and Jim with a rocket launcher.
You and Jim are dead.
You have reached the "Happy Ending" of AIPD.
The show must go on. Jason is replaced by Genghis Khan, murdersome butthole and everyone's great great grandpa. Jim is replaced by a robot, which doesn't work out so well.
Jimbot eats some Cheetos.  The robot overlords enact a tax on robots that eat cheetos which Jim refuses to pay.
The robot overlords enact a tax on robots that don't eat cheetos which Jim refuses to pay.
Jimbot struggles to pay all of his Cheetos tax. Genghis Khan promises to raise his salary if he contributes to the show more.
Genghis Khan dies of a heart attack and everyone is sad.
Tragically, Jimbot also dies. Everyone is still sad.
The show ends. You are sad.
Tony and Cory go on an international star search. Jason and Jim will be played by famous Hollywood actor's: Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot.
The end.
The moral of the story: No matter what you do someone is out to get the cheetos eaters of the world.