Wibbly Proton, Jimmy Neutron’s younger brother

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You are Wibbly Proton, Jimmy Neutron's younger brother. Your little sister is called Kimmy Electron. Your father is called Timmy Jargon, and your mother is called Primmy Starbomb. You live in a house made of Legos."
Your family has recently adopted a new member of the family who is Sony of Ultralord, Teenage Space Cop. He is very popular with the kids.
"My name is Tommy, my sister is Suzy and we have two brothers named Chuckie and Ray."
"What do you think about all this?

> You say "that's why you're an orphan"
Tommy laughs at this.
"That's why you're an orphan." He says coldly.
You begin to cry, and he begins to laugh even more.
"Are you going to kill me?"
You use your shrink ray on him.
"How does it feel to be a tiny person?" You laugh.
"What are you going to do now tiny man?"
He tries to crush you under his foot, but you jump out of the way.

> You put your new pet Tommy in a jar with some holes in the top so he can breathe.
You put him in a jar with some holes in the top so he can breathe. You decide to keep him as a pet. You find that he is very loving and affectionate towards you.
During dinner your father asks you "Where is Ultralord?"
"I have him in a jar." You say.
"Why do you have him in a jar?"
"Because I love him very much."
You let Ultralord out of the jar and return him to normal size at the request of your father. He doesn't seem to notice that he was ever tiny.
Your father notices that you are unusually happy and says "What drugs are you on?"
"Nothing" You reply.

> You lay out 2 lines of Nothing on the table and offer one to your dad and you snort the other line "it'll make you see tiny people" you exclaim.
Your father seems interested, but he says "I think I need to focus on work".
You snort the second line of Nothing and fall out of your chair.

> You get a job from a local Nothing deal to sell Nothing at your school. You get approached by the principal "WIBBLY! What are you doing"?
You reply "Nothing."
You decide to become a drug dealer because you have a lot of Nothing.
It doesn't take you long to become one of the most successful drug dealers in town.
Ultralord catches on to your drug ring and starts to watch you like a hawk. The police aren't sure what to make of you. They have never seen anything like this before.
The DEA, FBI and C.I.A all are all after you.
When Ultralord is not looking you slip some Nothing into his inhaler.
Interest in Ultraman starts to rise.
Your success as a drug dealer doesn't go unnoticed by the media. They start to hound you for an interview.

> You say yes to the interview and announce an amazing new product that is completely legal:.

> You say yes to the interview and announce an amazing new product that is completely legal:.
The new product is called "Nothing" and it is a healthy alternative to all those toxic drugs that people usually use. The interview goes great, and the next day you become the most famous person in the world.
Your sides effects may include:
Loss of weight
Increases in Creativity
Loss of appetite
Apathy towards the government
Feeling of general Well-being
Loss of productivity
The disappearance of Reality
Your father isn't too happy
You receive an invitation to be interviewed on Between Two Ferns, you accept.
The next few days are the most exciting of your life.
Your father seems to disapprove of your success.

> You say "you say "Fuck you daddy-o. Keep sucking those sour grapes."
You threaten your father. He gets really mad and says "I'm prepared to give you a large amount of money, but there is only one condition: You must never use the internet again."
You refuse and cut ties with your father forever.
The next few months are the most depressing of your life.
You don't even get a chance to enjoy the sweet release of death.
You live a long and meaningless life and then die.
On your death bed, you shoot your father with your belch cannon.
So much potential wasted on drugs.
The moral of the story: Don't let your parents stop you from pursuing your dreams... by shooting them with your belch cannon.