Shirley, a cute Japanese girl in her senior year

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You are Shirley, a cute Japanese girl in her senior year. You have a crush on a guy named Lelouch, but he's too aloof to pay much attention to you. One day, you are walking by the school's pool when you hear Lelouch saying your name. You ask, "What's up?" He says nothing and just continues talking about something else.

A few days later, you see him at the library with his girlfriend. They seem very happy together.

> You walk up to Lelouch and his girlfriend with A 5.56mm pump action tank cannon in hand and announce to Lelouch "I'm pregnant, it's yours"
You are standing near the pool, waiting for Lelouch to finish talking to his girlfriend. Suddenly, you notice that there is a man with a gun pointed at you from behind some bushes nearby.
You point your gun at the man behind the bushes and scream "I'm pregnant!" The man screams "Nazi!" and fires his gun. Unfortunately, someone has mixed up the ammunition types. Dropping your gun, you scream "I'm not a nazi!

> You quickly dive into the pool with Lelouch and his girlfriend.
You dive into the pool and swim underwater as fast as you can. Soon, you sense that there are no others in the water with you. You swim to the edge of the pool and climb onto the deck.

> You try to keep up your grades while pregnant but the responsibility is too much. You go to Lelouch for help but catch him leaving his home in a strange costume and decide to follow.
You follow Lelouch out to the parking lot. He drives away and you are about to go home when someone else calls your name. You turn around and see a strange man you've never seen before.
The man reveals himself to be Tony, a classmate who wants to ask you on a movie date to Sister Act 2.  Your mind races. You turn away from tony and run to your car, but you have to choose between going to class or following Lelouch.

> You decide to follow LeLouch.
You drive away as fast as you can. Soon, Lelouch parks his car and walks into a bank. You follow at a safe distance.
The armed security guard asks Lelouch for identification.

> You see Lelouch say something to the guard and strangely the guard lets him pass.
You follow him into the bank's safe where you find him stuffing money into a large bag.
He notices you and laughs "I knew I'd find a way to use that time machine."

> You get on your knees and beg him "Take me with you!"
Lelouch pulls out a strange looking gun, points it at you and presses a button.
You fly through time and space and wake up in the age of  and dragons...
(Note: this story was written on June 23, 2010. Weird things may happen...
You see Lelouch ride a dragon with a comically sized bag of money.
You are in a dark cave.
You smell smoke and see a campfire.

> You investigate the campfire.
You find some sticks arranged in the shape of a cross.
You hear a strange sound nearby...
You are in a dark cave.
You smell smoke and see a campfire.
You feel a sharp pain in your chest...
You are in a dark cave facing a campfire shaped like a cross.
You yell for Lelouch to save you.
Out of nowhere, a dragon appears and eats you.
The moral of the story: There are no moral in the land of dragons and time travel.