Dr. Reindoerb, a mad scientist from the reindeer dimension

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You are Dr. Reindoerb, a mad scientist from the reindeer dimension, where reindeer reign. After an encounter with a human woman in purple, you suddenly found yourself in the human dimension in front of a factory called "Reindrob Industries" and its owner is none other than your old friend, Mr. Reindorb!
You do the secret handshake that only Reindrob's know.
"Dr. Reindob?" Mr. Reindorb says while smiling at you.

> You say "You must have me mistaken for someone else. My name is Dr. Reindoerb. I am from the reindeer dimension."
Mr. Reindorb nods in approval.
"Yes, I thought so. We decided to keep your original name in place for you."
Your jaw drops as Mr. Reindorb keeps talking.
"We have just installed a new robotic system in this factory, which will allow you to complete your work much quicker than before."
"Oh, that's great,"
From the shadows appears Dr Reins0b, Dr ReinDr0bs clone that cries a lot, who takes you to your workstation.
"In this factory, you can work yourself to the bone 24/7, and we won't care at all, because our new system is completely automated!"
You nod in approval.

> You sit down in your office chair and it extends bands over your arms, hips, and hooves. you begin to work with brutal robot efficiency.
The robotic system will be very profitable for Mr. Reindorb, and that's all that matters.

> You become discontented.
A week passes, and you are very bored. You have finished all of your work.
At this point, you don't care about the well-being of Mr. Reindorb's business.

> You distribute a pamphlet to the other workers instructing them on how to form a union.
Mr. Reindorb enters the room and stares at you with anger emanating from his body.
"What do you think you're doing?" he demands.

> You level up and gain the following reindeer union powers:.
The superhuman strength of 1,000 reindeer
The speed of 1,000 reindeer
The bravery of 1,000 reindeer
The antlers of 1,000 reindeer
The... uh, the smell of 1,000 reindeer
You use your newfound powers to run around the room, only stopping to smell Mr. Reindorb's feet.
While smelling his feet, you sneakily pull out your wand of baleful polymorph and turn Mr Reindob into a small wooden rocking horse.
"Vworp," you say.
Mr Reindorb is now a rocking horse.

> You ride Mr Reindorb.
While this act would be considered "bestiality" to normal people, you see no problem in mounting Mr. Reindorb in his current form.
"Wub wub wub," you say in an attempt to sound like a rocking horse.
You ride your wooden horse around the factory.
You turn all the workers in the factory into rocking horses.
You expand your factory, buying up all the abandoned factories around you and hiring unemployed factory workers to run them.

> You pay them all very fair wages and make it mandatory to join the union.
The economy collapses and you soon take control of the country.
You wage war on planet Earth with your wooden horse army.
Pretty soon, you own the entire world.

> You convert everyone into wooden rocking horses.
You feel very accomplished.
The moral of the story: Be careful what urges you act upon, they just might come true.
You've reached the end of this book. I hope you've enjoyed yourself.