Dimitri Slagof, an assassin for the Okhrana and former Russian heavyweight boxing champion

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You are Dimitri Slagof, a very big and intimidating man and former Russian heavyweight boxing champion. You are currently an assassin for the Okhrana, the Russian Tsarist secret police force. It is Russia, 1917, and you are sitting alone in an bar. A tall man, hair of silver and face scarred extensively sits down next to you. You and the tall man begin to read the five dossiers on Alexander Kerensky, Mikhail Vladimir, Lavr Kornilov, Anatoly Mercov, and Rasputin.

"I am surprised that you have not yet heard about these men," says the man. "They were all prominent members of society."

"Who are they?" asks you.

The man looks at you with suspicion. "What do you mean? Who are they?" he demands.

> You open the dossier and inspect the targets with the tall man.
You open the dossier and begin to look through it with the tall man. "Alexander Kerensky was a large, blond man who was the most prominent military leader of the Russian Empire,"
You see Alexander Kerensky is surprisingly sitting at the bar chatting up a hooker.
"Anything else?" he asks.
"He had a bit of a drinking problem."
You nod in response. "That's all.

> You dress up as a hooker and approach Alexander.
You stand up, go over to the hooker, and begin to talk to her for a moment. "I want him," you say.
"Five hundred rubles," she says.
You agree and surprise Alexander with his pants of, you hold a gun to his head an attempt to get the location of his comrades.
"Tell me where they are!" you hiss.
He begins to laugh in your face. You pull the trigger, but it is empty.
He stands up and punches you in the face, twice. You fall to the floor, he begins to kick you and break your bones. After he finishes, he throws you through a window. You are left for dead.
you stand up and brush off your broken bones. you kick the bars door open and come at Alexander with a Haymaker. he dodges and punches you in the throat, just enough to kill you.
You unload a volcano of diarrhea at him, killing him with your hot stool. You wake up in a secret government hospital and your wounds are fully healed. You hear a mysterious voice in your head. "The man is planning to kill the Tsar and his family, stop him." You nod and begin your mission.
"Who are you?" you think. You are given a mission to kill Mikhail and Lavr.
The tall man enters the room.
you begin your mission when men congregate, the YMCA. you enter with your shotgun and begin to look around for Mikhail. you find him praying in a room full of candles. you shoot him in the head, killing him. you hear gunshots outside.

> You grab a candle and exit the building.
When you exit the building, you see a tall man with a bloody sword running away from a large group of men. You grab your shotgun and fire, killing some of them.

> You chase the tall man into an abandoned something or other.
You follow the tall man into an abandoned building. You enter a large room with paintings on the wall.
All the paintings are of dead monkeys next to traffic cones. You see Lavr sitting on a pile of bananas. He shoots at you and you are hit in the shoulder.
"You'll have to do better than that, comrade," you say.
Lavr's revolver is out of bullets.
you shove Lavr from his banana pile and begin to force feed him bananas until he chokes. You exit the building and see that it is on fire. You run away before it explodes, never to be rebuilt.
You read a newspaper and discovered the Tsar has been killed by Rasputin. "Rasputin is dead, the mission is complete," you think.
You look straight into the camera and say, "Tsarry!"
you have completed 100 levels of Mission: Moscow. please stand by for level completion statistics.
you have killed people total. 0% of all kills in Mission: Moscow
you have died times. 0% of all deaths in Mission: Moscow
you have reached the end of the game. 100% success