Little Purple Girl, 5-year-old girl covered in purple paint

Posted under Episode 275, Story On By Chief

You are a 5-year-old girl named Little Purple Girl who is covered in purple paint. You have imaginary friends, worlds, drawings, and toys that all becomes a magical world you created when you woke up there. It is full of magical happiness and cute stuff. But one day, a group of 5th graders began to ruin your imagination by making bad worlds, bad friends, bad worlds, bad drawings, and create bad versions of your toys and now that your friendly community is ruined.

The only way to get them back is to destroy the entire school. The only problem? You don't know how! What if they found out where you hid the magic book?

> You turn to Dony, Tony's 5 year-old son. He crapped his pants in a desperate attempt to make you and Tony laugh. You ask him to help you destroy the school.
"Dony, go play with my brother Tony," you say. "I'll be right here."

He runs off and immediately begins playing with his little brother.
You know the perfect spell to fix this whole situation, you open your magic book and read the following spell:
"I wish the 5th graders were never born."
You close your eyes and wish for this, but in an instant, your brother is no longer bathed in purple light... You are.

> You when you open your eyes, the fifth grade has ceased to exist.
You open your eyes and find yourself in a room with your mom, dad, and brother. You family is looking down at you, concerned. You look around and you're no longer in the classroom.
You ask your parents, "What seems to be the matter? Did I do something wrong?" You bat you eyelashes and pretend to be innocent and cute. Your dad smiles and says, "No. We're going to the lake today, do you want to go?"
"Yeah!" You say, excitedly.
"Go get your bathing suit then."

> You when you arrive at the lake, it is being cleaned by Japanese schoolchildren.
You go to your room and grab your bathing suit. When you arrive at the lake, it is being cleaned by Japanese schoolchildren. You watch as they clean the beach with their little nets.
You jump into the lake and bump your head into a lost nuclear submarine that ended up in the lake after following bad directions on apple maps. You watch as the hatch slowly opens and a penguin jumps out of it.
You swim away, trying to get out of the water before it is too late...

> You try to swim out of the way but its too late, the penguin pierces your heart with his bill penguin style.
You are dead.
The sub releases its nuclear waster into the water. It cover your body and revives you. You soon become one with the jellyfish that were in the lake.
A group of Japanese schoolchildren see you and take a picture.
You use your radioactive tentacles to grab the penguin that killed you and exact your revenge. You proceed to dance with a great white shark after it eats the Japanese schoolchildren.
You live happily every after in the bodies of the animals you have become part of.
You travel to the bottom of the lake, where you find a magical world. You never age, but instead you turn into a tree who can walk and talk.

> You resume life as a tree and are greeted by a group of arguing ladies. you say "why you pester this one with your petty meats?"
The ladies turn to you, and with a look of surprise on their faces, they bow deeply. "Lord Krabs, we didn't see you there."
"Yeah... I know how that feels."
You want to impress these ladies, so you perform a dance for them. You watch them cheer in amazement.
"That was great! Can you teach it to us?"
You are happy to help. New friends are always fun, and they worship the ground you walk on.
The moral of the story: being a tree is great.