Whimpus, the evil reindeer

Posted under Episode 273, Story On By Chief

You are Whimpus, the evil reindeer. Every year Santa throws a ball of coal your way to remind you of your crimes. This year, you're ready, because this year you have a full set of diamond horse shoes. You fly to Santa's workshop and steal all his toys!

The elves run away in terror as you ride through the village, but they don't escape your wrath. They are burned alive with their stockings stuffed with coal.

> You throw a flaming lump coal through Santa's front window.
Santa is so scared that he hides behind his sleigh. He looks like a little girl when she catches her first burning hot stove-top.

> You demand Santa give you presents and take you off the naughty list.
"Well, I've never given a lump of coal to someone on the naughty list," you say.

> You force Santa to join Onlyfans.
"Come on, you sick fuck. I need to get off," you say.
"I'm not sure that's the way to do it," says the elf.
You look over and see the elf is Tug Muffington, actually an employee in Santa's workshop, and he looks like he is ready to fight you.
"Come on, Tug. What's taking so long?" you say.
You grab your dick and start to jerk it, but the elf grabs your hand, twists, and throws you off the sleigh.

> You your dick gets stuck in the snow and you wriggle around in frustration.
Your dick gets stuck in the snow and you wriggle around in frustration.
"Ha ha ha ha ha!" laughs Tug as he lands on top of you. His white fur makes him disappear into the snow.

> You can hear tug running through the snow, but you cant see him.
You hear Tug running through the snow, but you can't see him. It's like he's invisible.
Tug leaps onto you with a knife, but you catch his arms and throw him into the snow.

> You stomp on him with your diamond hooves and say "This gets me off!"
You stomp on him with your diamond hooves and say "This gets me off!"
"I'm sorry," says the elf as he dies. But he doesn't just die. He explodes into a million pieces. You watch in horror as his flesh, blood and guts turn to ice when they hit the ground.
"Damn! What happened to that elf?"

> You realize you just killed Elf Jesus.
You realize you just killed Elf Jesus. Just then, the entire world changes. Elves take over the world and enslave humans. Elf-human relations were always good under the old system, but then elves got greedy.
Santa hides away in a secret workshop and builds an army to take you on. He knows you're the one who caused all this! One night, while you sleep, he kidnaps you and puts you in a cage in the North Pole.

> You livestream from your cage on OnlyFans. Cage Fetish style.
You earn a fortune from your livestream from your cage.
One night, Prince listens to the whole thing and tracks you down. He burns you at the stake for committing crimes against Elf Jesus.
Your fellow reindeer kick snow on you to put out the flames. You level up and gain the following reindeer powers:  Lambaste, Mournful Moan, and Instill Terror.

> You see Santa in the crowd. You proceed to lambaste Santa in front of everyone.
You lamtaste Santa in the crowd. He falls over and dies. Your fellow reindeer realize that you've just killed their boss, and attack you. You become the victim of a revenge killing.

> You let out a mournful moan.
You let out a mournful moan. The sound is so upsetting, all the reindeer immediate commit suicide by jumping off the edge of the world.
You die as well.
The moral of the story: Coal is forever.
You've reached the "A ending" of Reindeer Rampage.