Cory, dealing with a new bionic arm

Posted under Episode 270, Story On By Chief

You are Cory, an officer with the AIPD. You now have a new bionic arm to compliment your bionic spine and heart, following a freak widow terrorist bombing. The event revealed a large anti-cyborg group within your city and Jason, who has recently gotten a bionic foot after stubbing his toe last week, tasks you with investigating them and bring the group to justice. You start by going undercover as a potential recruit for the group, but soon realize it is more than just a bunch of crazy people.

> You wear makeup and put on a dress. You attend the anti-cyborg meeting and introduce yourself everyone.
You don't know why, but you feel like a woman in a man's world. You decide to go out in a less formal way and wear something more feminine.
You successfully sneak into the meeting an attract the attention of the head of the Ant-Cyborg coalition. You explain that you have similar interests, and are immediately brought in.
"So...Is it just me you're interested in....?" he asks.

> You bat your lashes at him and ask "would you happen to have a cigarette?" as you lean in for a kiss.
You lean in to kiss him, and he smiles, lighting up a cigarette for you both. He takes one himself and leans back in his chair.
"So....why'd you join?" he asks.

> You say "I joined because of my intense hatred for cyborgs and all cyborg-like creatures"
You explain that you're not only for eliminating cyborgs, but all things like them.
You ask the leader what his name is and offer to go back to his place for a night cap. He says his name is Robert, and that he owns a local bar. You ask if you can have a drink there before going back to your place. He happily agrees.
You see the bar is filled with Ant Cyborg propaganda. You pass by a sign that says "No Cyborgs" and wince.
You go to the bar and order a drink. You order a beer and down it quickly, ordering another almost immediately. The taste is awful, but you need something to calm your nerves.
Robert puts his hand on your waist and whispers in your ear.
"Want to go back to my place?" he asks.
You go straight to Robert's bedroom and watch him undress. You wait until he is at his most and then knock him out.
You quickly get dressed and rifle through his drawers. You find a small folder with papers in it.
The folder reveals that he is planning to bomb a hospital.
You waterboard Robert with diet coke zero and demand he tell you when and where this attack is supposed to happen. Robert struggles at first, but eventually blurts out that it is at St Robocop's General Hospital tonight! You rush over.
"Hurry! He says there's a bomb in the hospital basement!" you say.
You run to the hospital and find it swarming with police officers. You approach the lead officer.
The leader officer turns around and you see an anti-cyborg face tattoo.
"He's a fucking robot! Shoot!"
You are shot five times in the chest and bleed out in seconds.

> You your body is dragged to the basement and thrown next to the bomb. the nanomachines in your blood begin to repair the bullet holes and bring you back to life. you attempt to disarm the bomb but only manage to cover it in sticky red bull syrup.
Your body is blown to bits when the bomb explodes.
you have been killed by the bomb. Game over.
You saved the hospital and they rename it after you.
"The St Znug Ascending!"
The moral of the story: You can't spell 'ascending' without 'ascension'