Franklin, a police officer who was shot by a guy dressed like Santa Claus

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You are Franklin, a police officer who was shot by a guy dressed like Santa Claus. You were brought back to life by a mysterious witch doctor. You find out what happened during the time you were dead. You discover that your wife had started dating your rival on the police officer, Cory. You get angry and swear to get revenge on Cory.

The story is very simple: you play as a cop trying to solve crimes in the city of New York. The game consists of several levels with different types of criminals and obstacles.
You find out how long you've been dead after each level. You can also see your past lives on the map. It's quite interesting to look at all your previous lives, but it doesn't really help you solve any crimes.
You call up Tony, a Felllow Police Officer who sings and yawns everything he says. He tells you that a man dressed as Santa Claus has been robbing several shops and stealing enough money to fund North Korea.

Your mission is to arrest the crazy Christmas criminal known as The Jolly Elf.

> You learn the Jolly Elf is stealing enough money to buy a Reindrob Industries Atomic scalpel.
The next day you learn that the Jolly Elf has stolen enough money to buy a Reindrob Industries Atomic scalpels.
"This is crazy," you think to yourself, "I'm investigating a crime committed by a criminal with an Incisor."

> You and Tony begin search for a creature with one tooth.
The next day you and your African-American singing friend, Tony, begin searching for a criminal with one tooth.
As you walk down the street, you notice two large men walking towards you. They approach you...

"The boss want to see you." They both say in unison.
"Uhh... Ok?" You reply.
You follow the men into a local tattoo parlor.

> You are introduced to the tattoo artist who is the boss. You notice he has a single incisor in his mouth. He says to you and Tony.
"I am the tattoo artist and boss of the Black Skulls gang. We want to join forces with you guys... I have a proposition for you."
"Uh... Well, okay?" You reply.
"I want you to leave Frank alone. He's our friend and we don't want you to hassle him."
"So?" You ask.
"So? You are the police! If you aren't going to arrest him for drug dealing then can you at least put an end to the torment he has to endure day in day out?"

> You invite Frank out on your boat to "go fishing".
You invite Frank out on your boat to "go fishing" and bring along a few of the boys. When you arrive, they begin to fire their guns in the air and hoot and holler.

> You challenge Frank to a hooting and hollering contest.
Frank and the rest of the Black Skull gang accept your challenge. Frank makes a lot of noise...

> You shoot Frank in the back of the head and push the body overboard. You say "Don't mess with AIPD Frank" and slowly drive your party boat into the sunset.
The End.
The moral of the story: Don't mess with the AIPD.