Holly Jinglehug, princess on the run from her father the King

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You are Holly Jinglehug. You and your sister Jolly are princesses on the run from your delusional father, King Chris, whose mission is to "cleanse" the land from werewolves. You decide to live a different life until the time is right.

One day you hear a loud noise in the woods. It sounds like it could be an attack by some kind of monster or even other humans.
You see a werewolf stuck in a trap behind a bush. He pleads for your help.

Holly: Oh my! Help me! I'm trapped here with a werewolf!

Jolly: Aww, he's so cute when he cries. Let him out, will ya?
There werewolf is nice and reveals his name is Tony Jinglekiss, a guy who has a crush on you and your sister. Tony occasionally laughs like a robot when his internet connection is glitching.  You wonder if you should trust him.
A middle-aged man wanders into view. He looks vaguely familiar, like someone you saw on TV.
Father Féval: Get out of here!

> You free Tony the werewolf from the trap and the three of you run away from Father Feval. You find an abandoned ski lodge in the woods.
You quietly lead Tony and Father Féval into the abandoned ski lodge you and your sister once played in. You find a room with a single twin bed.
You look in the bed and Prancer the wise, a Wise Old Reindeer Wizard, spooning with Jingletusk the the Christmas raccoon. The two of them are snuggling.
You climb into the bed and then your sister climbs into the bed with you.
Father Féval: Who are you two?
You tell Father Feval you just want to help the werewolves and stop your father's reign of terror. After a moment of consideration, Father Feval nods.
Father Féval: I see.
You hold out your hand and shake his hand.
Father Feval bites you and you start to transform into a werewolf. You're a little scared at first, but you feel a little bit stronger and you smell the most delicious deer meat from the nearby kitchen. You hear your sister howl as she transforms into a werewolf.

> You go to the kitchen and find that your sister has slaughtered and cooked Prancer the Wise.
You sit down to eat the deer meat. You hear a knock on the door and hide under the bed.
After a moment, Father Féval comes in and sits down on the bed.

> You see Father Feval slip a key into his jacket pocket.
You see your opportunity and steal the key. You take it and slip out the window. You find yourself outside with a bunch of werewolves snarling at you. You huddle against the cold.
Tony protects you from the other werewolves. You feel very grateful toward him. 
Tony protects you from the other werewolves.  You feel very grateful toward him.
A werewolf with a scar across his face pushes you aside and snarls. You feel very scared, but it isn't your time to die and you know it.

> You transform into a double werewolf. The other werewolves bow down before you.
You transform into a double-werewolf. The other werewolves bow down before you. You are the Alpha Werewolf.
You are so powerful that you can transform whenever you want.
You wage an attack on your father King Chirs. You manage to sneak all the werewolves by your father's army through a secret passage. You are so sneaky that a pack of werewolves is mistaken for a litter of puppies.
Your army attacks your father's castle. A dozen werewolves attack a dozen knights.

> You break into the King's chamber and you convince him to stop the war. You squat and pee on his foot for dominance.
You break into the King's chamber and convince him to stop the war. You squat and pee on his foot for dominance. The war ends.
Tony puts his arm around you and your sister and say, "I think it's going to be a Holly, Jolly Christmas!"
You laugh and laugh.
The moral of the story: the Alpha werewolf always gets the girl and wins the battle over evil.