ReinDroblet, ReinDrob’s rebellious teenage son

Posted under Episode 265, Story On By Chief

You are ReinDroblet, ReinDrob's rebellious teenage son who wants to make puzzles for a living instead of taking over ReinDrob Industries. You have been given the job of making all the puzzles for the new factory that is being built in your town.
your father designs a new machine that solves your puzzles. you are told it will be ready soon and that you should get back to work.
you spend most of your time playing with the machines in your workshop, trying to solve them.
You realize one of the machines is sentient and you hear it say "mommy?"
you ignore it and remember your mother died giving birth to you.
You wake up in a cold sweat and notice that the machine is gone.

> You get a summons informing you the machine is suing you for child support.
The next morning you get a call from the police. You have been served at work and need to go deal with the situation immediately.
Amit Patel, former ReinDrob products technical support agent turned ReinDrob's personal assistant, picks you up from the police station where you find out your charges have been mysteriously dropped.
"Mr. ReinDrob wanted me to inform you that he has a new job for you, at your earliest convenience."

> You and Amit take a helicopter to Reindrob's yacht in the Bahamas. You approach your father and say "Hi. Dad."
Amit is a nervous wreck the entire ride. You, on the other hand, have never felt better. Your father has picked you over his loyal assistant.
He's taking you on vacation!
You are finally bonding with your father when he asks you for a favor. Dr Reindrob tells you that Snoop Drob, who raps a song "Drob It Likes It's Hot", needs a joint roller and he thought you'd interested.
While you and your father are making your way to the helicopter pad you bump into Mr. Safeway, your 8th grade History teacher.
"Hello, Mr. Safeway!" you say, overly excited to see a familiar face.
"Reinhard," he says sternly, "How many times have I told you, it's Mr. Safeway.
You throw Mr Safeway overboard and he is eaten by sharks. You go roll a joint for Snoop Drob and see he is smoking with Sony, Tony's 18 year-old son who has ugly hair.
"Want some?" You hold up your joint when you reach the smoke circle.
"No thanks, kid. I'm trying to quit."

> You spit the following freestyle rap to impress Snoop Dogg:.
It's hard being me.
I'm very busy.
I have a lot of fame.
My dad is rich.
So many girls are naughty.
And they will flirt with me.
Every in the smoke circle is VERY impressed. Snoop Dogg says to you: "You spit some real hard rhymes, kid."
He says: "Want to make it a little more interesting?"
He gives you a challenging look.

> You say "Yes"
"If you can roll this next joint perfect. The first time, you can join my group. You got the talent, kid."
You accept the challenge and do exactly what Snoop says to do.

> You say "the joint you present to Snoop Drob brings tears to his eyes."
"I'm disappointed, kid," says Snoop. "Do it again."
You are forced to roll the same joint over and over until it is perfect.
But it is so perfect that he lets you join the band anyway. You are so happy, you freestyle rap about jigsaw puzzles:
It's hard being me.
I'm very busy.
I have a lot of fame.
My dad is rich.
So many girls are naughty.
And they will flirt with me.
Snoop Dogg throws you off the yacht. You hit the water and die.
The moral of the story: If you find a rolling machine, there is no need to redo the rolling.